Friday, June 30, 2006

In Montreal

Well, we're here. Em and I ended up having an insane, adventurous day that included Lindsay functioning on - yep, that's right - NO SLEEP AT ALL for about a day and a half. I finally tucked my purse under my head and slept for an hour in Ottawa. In the end, Emily and I split up for 9 hours and arrived in Montreal within minutes of each other.

My only real highlights from today were getting to catch some of the World Cup game in the airport bar, and flirting with some superhot business guy from Ottawa while we were waiting for our luggage in Montreal. He was pretty much cute enough to make it worth a day of rescheduled flights and no sleep.

Christine met us at the airport, and we arrived at her home - safe and sound - 30 minutes ago. It's adorable here, and they live across the street from a lake. I can hardly wait for it to be light outside so I can see where I am!

Looking forward to SLEEPING, and then exploring this very cool city.

Interesting to note that I actually had 'stay awake for more than 24 hours in a row and have an adventure' on my life goal list. Not really the funnest goal I've ever accomplished. May need to re-examine the list :)


Attempting to capture the desolation and utter boredom that was the Ottawa airport. (I did, however, manage to catch a World Cup game in the airport bar. That was okay.)

Au Revoir

Woo hoo! Jon Stewart was on. And then about ten seconds after Stephen concluded The Word, I got through to Air Canada. After much negotiating... We're going to Montreal today! Not sure quite how we're going to accomplish that, but we're going.

Em and I are confirmed on separate flights. She's on a direct flight to Montreal at 5 pm, and I'm leaving Winnipeg for Ottawa at noon, sitting in Ottawa for 4 hours, and then flying into Montreal about 30 minutes after her. But we're headed to the airport now to try our luck on standby.

What a dramatic beginning... More stories to come, I'm sure :)


Tired. Cranky. And other 3 am adjectives.

So I finally had most of my stuff packed and decided to call it a night. I made the fateful decision to quickly check and ensure everything was still cool with our flight to Montreal (via Toronto) in the morning. It wasn't. Our Winnipeg-Toronto flight has been cancelled due to a thunderstorm in Toronto.

I have now been on hold with Air Canada for 2 hours and 25 minutes, waiting to talk to someone about rebooking on another flight. Looks like sleep may or may not happen at all tonight. I don't want to go and get stuck sitting around the airport for hours. And so I wait...

This is a level of tired I'm not sure I've experienced before. Less than five hours of sleep the last three nights, and now this. If there's a screaming baby on the flight I finally make it onto, I'll start screaming too :)

Thinking positively, a bunch of us girls went for dinner tonight in early celebration of my birthday. Mel, Anja, Emily, Kathy, and Kari-Ann joined me and it was so nice to see them all.

Okay. Gonna go see if there's something on TV. Anything to keep me awake at this point. Well, maybe not Dr. Phil.


Thursday, June 29, 2006

More from Jessica's Grad

Jess & Jenni-Lynn

Me & Mom

Chynna & Me

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Jessica's Grad

Me, Jess & Aaron
(this family is really, really ridiculously good-looking...)

Me & Jess

Blood, Guts and Glory

What's been going on in Lindsay's world this week, you ask? (Oh, come on... You can pretend to be indifferent, but I know you're all DYING to know.)

I made my hand modeling debut yesterday afternoon. We were doing a photo shoot for a campaign we're working on for The Arthritis Society. The shot involved a combination of Lindsay and a LARGE chopping knife - and Chuck was art directing. 'Nervous' doesn't really begin to cover how I felt about the situation. It had Workers Comp written all over it. But I made it through unscathed. Maybe I missed my calling... Anyway. I'll post it when it's finished so you can admire.

Went to a really interesting church meeting last night. I've been asked to take part in a planning committee (hating the connotation of that phrase...) to change the way we do church. I love the idea of focusing less on church and more on reaching out and making a difference in our community and in the world. I'm no expert, but I'm pretty sure that's what we were supposed to be doing in the first place. Less preaching, more just helping and loving people. I have a couple of weeks to make my decision, but I'm pretty passionate about this whole idea. I just need to make sure I have the time/energy to commit.

I've been thinking about that lots since last night... I'm not embarrassed at all about being a Christian. But I still hesitate to tell people that I am. Why? Because I don't like to be associated with other Christians, or with churches.

As a group, we have a pretty lousy reputation. If I may stereotype for a moment, I think it looks like we talk a good talk. But when it comes to turning our faith into action... We kind of suck at caring about people outside of the church. What's more disturbing is that we actually kind of suck at caring about people INSIDE of the church. Who do we think we are? Why do we act like we're so special? It's not like we've earned Christ's love or done more to deserve it than any other person on this planet. It all comes down to that little thing called grace.

Which - not so coincidentally - is the inspiration for the tattoo I've been talking about getting forever. And it's actually happening on my birthday next week in Montreal. I am so excited... (Other than the TINY little part of me that reminds me, 'Lindsay, you are scared of needles, remember?')

More musings about the big 2-5 - and our trip! - to follow.


Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Jessica and I went to get our nails done tonight, for her grad. It was so fun to just relax together - and I got to initiate her into my prissy little girl world. Don't tell her the truth, that it will be years and years before she's able to justify a frivolous expense like a $50 manicure. The real world will hit this new graduate soon enough :)

We got great French manis with a lil bit of bling on the pinkies. I'm almost ashamed to realize how much pretty nails improve my perspective on the world. I swear, with great nails, smooth legs, and matching underwear, I can totally conquer the world. And that's just on an average hair day.


Sunday, June 25, 2006

Weekend Update

Gaaah. You know that feeling when you're flying just ever-so-slightly out of control? I hate that feeling. But I'd better get used to it.

Girls Night on Friday was awesome... Exactly what I'd been needing. It was so good to schedule some time to relax. I spent Saturday with Em, running errands and shopping. We managed to turn drudgery (like glasses shopping) into a rather enjoyable time and even found some great deals on 'fun' stuff. Then we headed over to Pastor Keith & Loraine's to do what I love best: share my opinion. We helped hang pictures in their new house, and giggled at their neighbour Kaloma's totally amazing sense of humour.

Went to church this morning, then we had a lunch for all the people involved in the mentoring program. Chynna and I attempted to answer all kinds of obscure questions meant to prove how little we know about each other. It was fun to hang out with her, even though we totally bombed on the questions! She's spending the entire month of July at the lake, and I am definitely going to miss her. She's becoming a good friend and a very special part of my life.

Mmm. Sunday afternoon. I LOVE Sunday afternoons. I simply adore the laziness of the day. I spent this lazy Sunday afternoon curled up on my parents' porch swing, reading a book that is entertaining me but not making me smarter. Perfect.

Then it was back to Keith & Loraine's for a BBQ they were hosting to thank all the people who have helped them with their move (not sure how giving my opinion on picture-hanging qualifies me, but I won't complain!). I was reminded again how much we all live in our own comfortable little bubbles when I had a chance to meet a couple at the BBQ who have been attending our church for a few months. They were such amazing, nice people and they've been right under my nose since January, attending my church and living less than 5 minutes from me in Winnipeg. Makes you wonder about all the people and experiences we miss out on just because we're busy.

And thus begins the craziest week in the history of the world. Or at least, in Lindsay's world. It's all good stuff, there's just a heck of a lot of it.

I should probably start it off with some sleep!


PS - A few pics from the BBQ (photography courtesy of Levon & Marina)

Diana, my parents, me, Greg

Me & Mom

Friday, June 23, 2006


Girls Night tonight... And I am so desperately in need of a relaxing evening. I'm beyond tired. Definitely moving into the realm of exhausted.

I caught my breath for an hour when I met Anja for tea and a walk last night - it was awesome to just chill out and catch up with a friend. But it looks like it will be full-speed-ahead until I leave for Montreal in a week.

I picked up some yummy and ridiculously unhealthy snacks, which we'll combine with pizza and cheesecake to equal an absolutely wonderful evening. Who am I kidding... I'm sure I'll be asleep on the couch by 9 pm :)


Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Big Announcement

So the craziest thing happened today... I signed up to do Joints in Motion again.

In November 2007, I'm headed to Athens. Which means two things:
1. I am going to need to start fundraising again.
2. I am going to need to get my ass in gear because I've promised too many people that I would RUN this one!

Wow. It's ridiculous how emotional Joints in Motion is for me. I typed an email to my mom to tell her, and about four words in, I had tears streaming down my face. I can't explain it... The work that The Arthritis Society does is so incredible - it has literally given me a life to live. And Joints in Motion makes that work possible. I NEED to keep doing this.

Stay tuned :)


Tuesday, June 20, 2006

'So does everybody else'

Life is full of disappointment.

Sometimes it comes in small packages, like arriving at Tim Horton's only to discover they're sold out of strawberry tarts. Sometimes it's medium-sized, like getting stuck in a torrential downpour whilst holding a favourite paperback book. Sometimes it's a little larger, like a client turning completely irrational and yelling at you on the phone.

Kind of makes you want to keep your expectations low, to avoid disappointment. But then you'd miss on the truly incredible feeling of anticipating something and having it turn out smashingly.

Fortunately, in the midst of all today's disappointment, I also managed one of these little gems: the new Nelly Furtado CD. I'm a big fan of hers, and I've been waiting for this disc for a while... I picked it up after work today and popped it into my car CD player - and it's been playing non-stop ever since. It's amazing. In particular, 'Say it Right' is stunning. I love these CDs that are good from start to finish, so you're not lunging for the remote to skip over that one annoying song that makes you cringe. This one's up there with 'Surfacing' and 'Ray of Light.'

Now if only I wasn't SO white and prissy. I can't help dancing... And yet I feel I look so foolish.


Large Cups

So, I'm not really sure what to do about the Oilers. Sad and disappointed, obviously. But I think we need to all stop being self-deprecating Canadians for a moment and celebrate what just happened, because it's something to be proud of. Who would have expected Edmonton in the finals? And who would have expected a Game 7? Chin up, boys. We did good.

I did my patriotic duty and watched the game in its entirety. And now I've continued that patriotism by mentioning it on my blog. Now let's move on.

In the Winnipeg Free Press today, there was a comment in an Editorial that 1 in 20 accidents in Columbia are caused by men leering at attractive women. Here in Canada, 1 in 10 are caused by drivers using a cell phone.

Now, what happens when you're talking on your cell phone to an attractive woman?


Monday, June 19, 2006

I'm thinking of a number...

Okay, so this isn't brand-new news, but it's still something that not quite everyone will have heard about yet.

Check out One Thousand Paintings. A Swiss artist has painted one thousand original pieces of art: a number between 1 and 1000, blue painted on a white 30 cm square canvas. Each painting's maximum worth is $1000 minus the number painted on it (so #5 would cost $995 and #950 would cost $50). But the base price is 10%, and jumps up 10% for every 100 paintings sold.

It's experimental, mathematical art. And it's viral marketing at its finest, a la Tipping Point. Sala had sold 105 paintings as of May 29. The story hit BoingBoing on May 30, hit 413 paintings sold on May 31, and basically exploded from there.

It would seem that marketing, media, technology, and art make very friendly bedfellows. It's so clever it hurts. And it makes me wish I wasn't being so financially responsible right now... Because this is one piece of art (and marketing history) I'd be very proud to own.

And it's substantially cooler than the Virgin Mary on toast.



Oh, yeah. Aaron's vote for new Manitoba slogan:

Manitoba. Flat can be sexy.


Weekend Update

Ah, Father's Day. What an odd little holiday. The day when you force your dad to spend more time with his family than he'd probably like. To celebrate our dad, my family went for lunch and then to Imax - Deep Sea in 3D. It was pretty cool... Whoever said that nothing bonds a family like a set of neon protective eyewear sure knew what they were talking about.

Last night, a few of us went to check out the Jazz Festival - ODD, God Made Me Funky, and Moses Mayes. Always a good time. It was an absolutely gorgeous night, and after we picked up coffee at The Fyxx, we spread out my blanket on the grass in Old Market Square and just enjoyed the evening - one of those classic Winnipeg moments I'd miss if I didn't live here.

And now it's back to work as another week begins... I'm starting to get that pre-holiday panic about how the heck I'm going to accomplish everything I need to before I get on the plane. I know it always comes together. It'd just be swell if it all came together AND I manage a few hours of sleep each night.

Happy Monday, all. Wishing you wonderful things this week :)


Friday, June 16, 2006

Original Thought

Sick of showing up somewhere and having someone say, 'Hey, I have that Smart Set t-shirt in aqua'??? Me too.

Check out some ACTUALLY cool t-shirts for sale online at

So it's not original thought. It's actually still being a sheep. But it's following the cool kids in the international design world - not Winnipeg's own version of cool (which, let's face it, centers around clothing manufactured and mass-produced in quantities we cannot dream of or probably comprehend).

Go forth and be somewhat creative.

Or else, I'll bet you can pick up some CHEAP t-shirts in Winnipeg these days. As long as you don't mind having the words 'Spirited Energy' emblazoned across your chest. Or - even better - 'Can you feel it?' Tee heeeee... Bad Lindsay.


Anything you can do, I can do better

Better Manitoba taglines, as brainstormed live on CBC Radio One this morning:

Manitoba. Where everyone knows your dad.
Manitoba. We live like kings.
Manitoba. Good natured.
Manitoba. Hey, do you know Dave?

And let's not forget to pay homage to The Simpsons...

Winnipeg. We were born here, what's your excuse?


Thursday, June 15, 2006

Can you feel it?

I wish I had the luxury of writing a letter to the editor, or using some similar traditional vehicle to express my opinion on Manitoba's new brand. Unfortunately, working for a competing agency, I'm afraid it would just sound whiny because we pitched for the contract and didn't get it. Instead, I'll take a moment to *briefly and tactfully* share a few thoughts here. And then we'll leave it and move on with our lives without another thought - just like everyone else who sees the new brand.

And therein lies my first point: it's not a brand. A brand is something you ARE. The logo and tagline and ad campaign are merely vehicles by which to express that brand to the world. We are not 'spirited energy.' It's something we aspire to be/have. Which makes it more of a vision statement + logo. And even worse... It's a vision statement + logo that has little relevance to Manitobans.

What makes me laugh the most is that this campaign is telling me - as a young professional - that there are unlimited opportunities here. But then this task force went out and hired people from New York and Toronto for a project that my agency could have done. We don't believe in you... But you should believe in yourselves! Talk about quintessentially Manitoban.

There was some tongue-in-cheek talk of leaving the province in protest yesterday. I'm not packing yet. But I am going to think pretty seriously about why I've chosen to stay.

Take a look at the website - And then click to send in your feedback :)


Wednesday, June 14, 2006


You know who's ridiculously under-rated? Pat Benatar. I spent last night with her Greatest Hits CD and thought to myself, I do not listen to this as often as I should. I still listen to it a lot. But not like Roxette a lot. Definitely not like Madonna a lot. More like... Kylie Minogue a lot. And really, Pat vs Kylie?

I owe Ms. Benatar an apology.


Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Tour the Farm

So. A few weekends ago, I mentioned to a friend that I was going home for the weekend. The response was typical: 'Oh, you're going home to the farm.'

I. Did. Not. Grow. Up. On. A. Farm. Have you even met me??? How would I have survived in a place with random barnyard animals and big tractors???!!!


I decided to take my camera home that weekend to give some of you city folk (and those of you who don't live around here) a little look at the place where I grew up. I realize it looks a little like the farm. But you'll note the space and open air. And the lack of red wooden structures or animals taller than my knees. Country? Yes. Farm? No. Farms nearby? Yes. Farmland across the gravel road, right outside the living room window? Yes. But those are really just details :)

So without further ado, here's my parents' yard:

Here's Molly, my sister's puppy:

And here's Peter, their extremely pregnant cat:

Yes, we know that our pregnant and obviously female cat is named Peter. Take it up with my sister.

Hope you enjoyed your little tour :)


Monday, June 12, 2006

Goin' to Montreal

Tickets are booked... Going to Montreal! Em and I are leaving on June 30 and returning on July 7, when we'll haul ass (sorry Mom) up to Winnipegosis to work on a volunteer project there with the Young Adults for the weekend. We found some great flights - and even scored a direct flight home. Not that I don't LOVE killing time in the Toronto airport but... well... I don't :)

My weekend was relaxing - exactly what I needed. I'm becoming more and more convinced that I'm fighting off a sinus infection. Ew. Anyway. Jessica and Jenni-Lynn came over on Friday night and we vegged and watched a movie. On Saturday, I made a cameo at the Niverville Fair for just long enough to watch Wayne and friends come in second in the talent competition for their dance number. (Wayne, if you're reading this, you can shave now - okay? :) Then I went to a bonfire at Greg & Kathy's. Yesterday, I did NOTHING. It was amazing. Bethany and Steph were around for most of the day, I did laundry, I read an entire book... It was GREAT.

On Saturday afternoon, I was looking out my window and I noticed an odd couple walking up the street: an 80 year old woman and a 20 year old guy. They sat down on the bench on the boulevard outside my house (another odd thing, but we'll save it for another time). He was essentially ignoring her, sitting with his back almost completely toward her. After a couple of minutes, she got up, took out a camera from her purse, and started taking pictures of him sitting on the bench. It was SO STRANGE. I got up to answer the phone and when I got back, they were gone. But I had fun for about another hour, imagining all the possible scenarios... Who am I kidding. I'm still having fun.


PS - Lindsay's pick of the week for Best Car Dancing Song: Dani California. Try it. I mean, really try it - none of that wimpy head-and-finger dancing. You'll love it. I promise.

PPS - Pics from Greg & Kathy's on Saturday night. Chapter 109, in which Emily learns to chop firewood. Um, whose idea was this???(!)

Friday, June 09, 2006

The List (Part One)

I've started doing a little bit of research in preparation for my upcoming visit to Montreal. So much to do and see, and so little time (and money). Sigh. I'm beginning to compile a bit of a wish list, based on my own research and input from the lovely and talented Miss Christine Groenveld, who will be playing hostess to Emily and I when we visit.

My list so far:

1. Notre Dame. Because I'm an architecture geek, and I love the feeling I get when I step inside these old churches. More than anything, it's so evident that the people who planned and built these spaces had incredible vision and passion. And that is so amazing to me.

2. Jazz Festival. Because I'm a music geek, and music geeks think jazz is COOL. I'm trying to figure out how I can get tickets for either Tony Bennett or Etta James - Tony because he's just classically wonderful and I sing his music in the shower, Etta because 'Blue Gardenia' has to be the sexiest CD in the history of music... 'This Bitter Earth' seriously gives me shivers. And I've heard that Tony likes to perform 'Fly Me to the Moon' sans microphone to show off his amazing projection... So cool.

3. Biodome. Because I'm a geek about the environment, and I'm fascinated by practical science. This is like Disneyland for grown-up geeks.

4. Shopping! Um, hello. Because I'm not always a geek - I'm also a girl who loves shoes.

5. A night at Christine's cabin near Mont Tremblant. Because I promised Christine that I was tough enough to spend an overnight without running water (what the heck was I thinking?!). And because I'm fascinated by the fact that she has built her own log cabin in the woods. And because I must check out this 'best skinny dipping spot in the world.' And because there's not a chance in hell of me participating in that sort of activity during daylight hours. And only a small chance it will happen after dark. They don't call me princess for nothing.

6. Old Quebec City. Because daytrips are fun. And because I have always wanted to stroll the cobblestone streets near Chateau Frontenac - at least since I was in French class and learned about French Canadian culture, and especially since my parents got back from their East Coast adventure raving about it. Hmm, cobblestone. Better acquire some shoes without heels.

7. A fabulous tattoo/piercing establishment. Because Emily and I have some unfinished business to take care of.

8. Fireworks Competition. Because fireworks are cool. And an international fireworks competition can only be cooler. And who knows... Fireworks displays always have firefighters on hand... Mmm, French firefighters...

Has anyone been to Montreal before? Any recommendations?


Keep Walking

So. I walked to work today. It was fascinating... I drive the same route every single day, and there are so many buildings and parks and little things I have absolutely never seen. There are also some very interesting people out and about at 8.15 in the morning, walking through downtown. It's a totally bizarre mix of professionals, students, homeless people, granola people, and unidentifiables. I probably looked like a student.

Yesterday, I went to go pick out tank tops with Bethany and the girl at Smart Set looked at one I had on - she was like 'ooh, you can dress that up to go out, or wear it with jeans for school!' Um... School? I ran some quick math, and I graduated from university - count 'em - four years ago. Sigh. I'll be grateful when I'm 40. I'll be grateful when I'm 40. I'll be grateful when I'm 40.

In the meantime, I FEEL 40. How can my knees hurt so much from a 45 minute walk? I walk for 45 minutes all the time. I'm blaming it on the seven hundred pound backpack I had on.


Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Weekend Update

Hm. For some reason, this didn't post on Monday. Better late than never :)

Friday night was Celebrations with Kari-Ann. We went to see 'Butch, Sundance, and the Gang' - great performance, but more country music than I'll usually volunteer to listen to.

Saturday, I decided to spend a little time dress shopping. I'm still looking for something great to wear to Jessica's graduation at the end of June. No super-amazing success, but I bought a Plan B dress. Which makes my former Plan B now a Plan C dress. Sigh. Men have it so easy.

Spent the afternoon playing tennis with Rocky. I had so much fun... Then Greg and Kathy came for dinner and we walked with Bethany to get gelato and sit by the river near The Forks. It was awesome - so gorgeous outside, and exactly the relaxing, low-key evening I'd been craving.

Saturday night was hot as hell chez Lindsay. I eventually opted to sleep on the couch downstairs. Ugh.

Yesterday, I was singing in the morning and then had three BBQs (I know!): one for my worship team, one for Cat's birthday, and one for Emily's university grad. It was a great day, just BUSY.

And here we are on a beautiful Monday. For some reason, I'm exhausted. Too much exercise? Too much stress? Not enough sleep? With fibromyalgia, who knows... I'm just having one of those days where it was almost impossible to drag myself out of bed, and I've spent all the hours I've been out of it since then wishing that I was still in it.

Okay, and since when is Domo self-serve??? I had to fill up on my way to work this morning, and I just about threw a fit. What happened to jumping to the pump?! It's not like I'm incapable of filling my own car, I just don't like to - and I'll go out of my way to go somewhere I won't need to. Grrr.

Think happy thoughts, Lindsay...
1. It's totally beautiful outside. I walked to pick up lunch today, and there were so many people out and about, looking generally cheerful. It's amazing what a little sun can do.
2. I'm wearing my favourite skirt today. Women understand.
3. The worms are dying. These blasted little monsters have eaten all of the leaves off my trees and are just generally a menace, dropping onto your clothes when you walk past, stringing icky webs between shrubs and trees, and crawling all over the place. But they're almost dead now... Woo hoo!
4. The tan lines I acquired while playing tennis on Saturday are bad, but not as bad as I'd originally feared. I think they'll be fixable.

Forget it. Can't think of a #5. Too steamed about stupid Domo. Can I sue for false advertising? Hang on... I have a book on advertising law here on my desk somewhere... I'm going to find out.


PS - Some pics from Em's graduation celebration :)

Brent, Victoria, Hannah (being a monkey in the background), Jenni-Lynn

Chey & Rob, Rocky

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Musing (mostly about shoes)

Just wanted to give a shout-out to Bethany who was brave enough to let me shove her into a fitting room at Winners last night with armloads of girly clothes :)

I managed to remain disciplined and did not purchase the amazing pink shoes I found... Sigh. It's like buyers remorse in reverse. I really feel that maybe God wanted me to have them.

And speaking of God... I went to a great church meeting on Tuesday night. (That was NOT a typo. It was actually a great church meeting.) I went home so excited. It was so encouraging to see how people from all over the church were really connecting and communicating with each other. I love the idea of refocusing: worrying less about 'church' and worrying more about loving people where they're at and caring for our community. That's the way Jesus did it. It's so funny that this is seen as a revolutionary, emerging idea - because it was modeled for us pretty effectively 2,000 years ago. I think it's the way we were supposed to be doing church in the first place.

And now back to shoes... I'm wearing my Superfox Black Heels today. I feel like a million bucks in them, but... highly impractical footwear. So glad I brought flip-flops for the walk to my car after work!