Monday, July 25, 2005

After the concert - Me, Mandy, and Mel. Posted by Picasa

Mandy & Co. Posted by Picasa

More Mandy. Posted by Picasa

The lovely and talented Amanda Falk. Posted by Picasa

My Dad, playing interviewer. Posted by Picasa

My Dad, doing what he does best: frightening small children. Posted by Picasa

And more Mel. Posted by Picasa

More Mel. Posted by Picasa

Melanie Bergen, our first performer of the evening. Posted by Picasa

My Dad, doing the MC thing. Posted by Picasa

Larry and Val, two of our fearless volunteers. Well, make that ALMOST fearless. Val appears to be afraid of the camera... Posted by Picasa

Me and Chynna. Posted by Picasa

Aaron, our self-appointed 'Tech Monkey.' Posted by Picasa

Mel and Aaron at soundcheck. Posted by Picasa

My Mom, working on salads to feed our volunteers and musicians before the concert. (Don't worry. We gave them real food too.) Posted by Picasa

My brother Aaron, avoiding helping with pre-concert setup by acting funny and 'cute.' Posted by Picasa

My Dad, doing his Dad Thing and helping with pre-concert setup. Posted by Picasa