Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Really Good Day

I am ever so grateful for my parents.

Briony + I spent the day here while Geoff was at work. I hit a bunch of client + volunteer deadlines. Briony had a nap + played + coloured + 'helped' Grandpa with home renos (FUNNIEST TODDLER COMMENTARY EVER).

It was just a really good day.

Today is also Day 15 of this new journey to reclaim my health. And I have not cheated on this diet, not one single bite. I'm super proud of that. It's been really tough. I'm still feeling so many yucky fibro flare up symptoms - and I'm EXHAUSTED - but I'm doing this and it has finally started feeling like positive progress over the last two days or so.

It only gets better from here... And that makes me happy, because I want my life back. And I want to ENJOY it fully.

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