Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Before I forget... The countdown to my FINAL JAW SURGERY is on. How exciting is that?! The big day is March 8.


Lost and Found

Near Lausanne, Switzerland - October 2005

I had a noteworthy moment today. One that should be recorded so that I don't forget what it felt like.

Five months ago, I lost my job. But an extraordinary thing happened: I found myself. The most extraodinary thing about that is that I didn't know that I had been lost. I think that people can just get so wrapped up in the status quo that we lose track of which was is up - and which way is us.

Walking to my car after work today, I realized that - for the first time in a long time - I am content. I am spending my time doing things that I love, and I am happy. I don't have everything I want, but I have everything I need. And that in itself is extraordinary.

For me, the time in between my last job and my current one was the most valuable time I've ever enjoyed. I took the time to rediscover myself. It was not a comfortable process. I slowed down long enough to figure out what makes me happy - what I want to spend my time doing, and what is truly important to me. I focused on my health and - for the first time - really, truly took care of myself. I went to Europe and learned a hundred lessons about what it means to be strong and optimistic about the future - and what it means to be a hero, someone who has used their life to make a difference. When I started this job, I knew who I was and what I had to offer. And that is an amazing feeling.

Whoever 'they' are, they were wrong: I didn't learn everything I needed to know about life in kindergarten. I don't know it all now. But the lessons so far have brought me to this place, and it's a place where I'm happy to be.

Now, that said... Of course, something had to give. On the eve of this moment of total content, The Boy told me that he was finished with our attempt at a relationship - that there was someone else. It's always disappointing when things don't work out, but I feel an odd peace. I know in my soul that things worked out the way they should have. That there's something better for me out there. And until that happens... I am content.


Young Adults Winter Retreat

Just got home from the Young Adults annual winter retreat last night. What a great weekend... I don't remember the last time I played in the snow!

It was nice just to get away for a couple of days. And the friend-time and sessions were an added bonus. I had a chance to reconnect with a few people, though not as many as I'd liked. Hard to make the rounds when you only have 48 hours - and 32 people!

A special shout-out to my driving partners, Ashley, Renee, and Emily. Ashley was a sport and joined me in dancing and singing the entire 3 hours there and 3 hours back. Meanwhile, the munchkins were beating on each other in my backseat ("Keep your stuff on your side of the seat! It's touching me!" [insert violent outburst here]).

Beware kamikaze hobbits in winter disguise

Emily looks afraid for her life. For good reason: Renee is driving (with the touque over her eyes).

The only thing scarier? If Emily had taken the wheel.


Ashley being her cool self at the top of the hill.

Monday, February 20, 2006

I'm too old for this.

Can you believe they actually convinced me to hop on a sled?
My life flashed before my eyes... and I screamed like the girl I am.

Thursday, February 02, 2006


Know what makes me smile? Buckley's commercials. I think it's watching other people's pain. It's just so funny to me...



Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Tommy Boy

I KNEW something else had happened today...

Mark your calendars, folks! Today marks the launch of this year's coveted invitations to my annual singles' v-day party. Yeah, I know Feb 14 is on a Tuesday this year. And I don't really care. We'll have a party on Tuesday. Just watch me! Ooh, what a rebel... What will she do next?!

Anyway, this year's invites are pretty inspired, if I do say so myself. Had to scale them back from my earlier vision, but they still make me giggle - almost as much as the famous Old Maid card invites from a few years back (although some girls lacking a healthy sense of humour may have been a little offended by those).

Let's just say that this year's invites involve Tom Jones. How can you go wrong with Tom Jones?!


Of Mittens and Ballot Boxes

Read in Time magazine today that 2005 was - on average - the warmest year Planet Earth has seen in 10,000 years. I KNEW those stuffy-looking Time experts were older than they said they were. (You know you're old when you start using fake IDs to pretend you're younger...)

It was also a big political issue: news on two important elections that each wrapped up recently in Canada and in the Middle East. The parallels are so interesting to me. Each country is a case of people who are sick of corruption in their country's dominant political party, and they're looking for a fresh group who will take action. And - on election day - those people took a risk. Here's hoping the parallels between the Conservatives and Hamas end there.