Monday, January 24, 2011


Briony got sick on Saturday - nothing life-threatening or earth-shattering, just a typical January cold.

Having a sick baby is never fun, but it took a turn for the SUCK this weekend when Geoff was scheduled to work nights on Sunday and I got *just* sick enough to have all my fibro symptoms seriously flare up last night. Briony + I had a rough night and a rough (early) morning, and I was just about in tears thinking about how we would manage today.

Then Geoff stopped and got the groceries I needed on his way home from work this morning.

Then Katie offered to come and play with Briony for a couple of hours.

Then Amber agreed to stop by after work to help me with Briony's dinner + bedtime.

It's still a difficult day, but I am completely overwhelmed by how our little family is blessed with people who love us and help us function. It's the only way to successfully parent with a chronic illness. I actually think it's the only way to successfully parent PERIOD.

It's definitely taking a village over here. And our little village ROCKS.

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