Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Well, I have to pack first. But THEN, I'm leaving on a jet plane. At 12.10 tomorrow, to be precise (probably more like 12.20, because we're flying Air Canada :)

I will endeavor to update my blog on our trip if we can...


Update: 6.43 pm.
Guess I'd need to get up out of this chair (and off the internet) in order to start packing... But I am left with the centuries-old dilemma of needing to pack but also needing food. I forget the whole hierarchy of needs thing, but I suspect food ranks right up there. At least, in Lindsay's hierarchy of needs. Self-actualization is SO overrated.

Update: 7.55 pm.
Packing is started AND belly is full. Oh, the joys of being married to a man who can pack in 10 minutes flat (and who offers to make dinner while I obsess over which shoes to leave at home - they ALL deserve a European vacation!). Alas, 'dinner' is mac and cheese. One month of marriage has taught me to smile and say thank you.

Have I mentioned that it's our one month anniversary today? :)

Update: 11.18 pm.
I think that's it for tonight... Need to keep enough stuff UNpacked so I can still make myself beautiful in the morning. I think we're set. I'd be excited if I had any energy left to be excited. I'm realizing that I haven't had a full two weeks off without work in... Gosh, I don't even know. Sadly, other than surgery, I think the answer is NEVER. Even when I lost my job, I had my first freelance client lined up and fully active in less than 72 hours.

Time for a well-deserved break.

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Monday, October 29, 2007

Monday Secret

I laughed so hard... How many times have I had this conversation with people?! It always reminds me of the Halloween party scene in 'Mean Girls' :)


Friday, October 26, 2007

Guest Book

Believe it or not, I hadn't really taken the time to take a close look at our wedding guest book - until tonight. We paged through it quickly when our families were over after the wedding, but I had so much fun REALLY looking at it tonight - all the Polaroids of our guests and their quirky little comments. I couldn't resist sharing some highlights...

"Good work! You turned out better than I thought. PS - You picked a nice wife."
- Geoff's nephew Niles

"Lindsay, my favourite niece. (Don't tell the others!)"
- My aunt Verna (sorry)

"We couldn't ave been prouder."
- My dad, being a brat

"Beautiful wedding, especially the flower girls."
- Steve & Val (Anica & Sophie's parents)

"To Geoff and L-Train..."
- Kris (way to keep an old, overused nickname alive)

"God bless as your lives transform into a beautiful marriage..."
- Rocky (was that really necessary?)

"What a beautiful couple you make! (It deserves a double exclamation, but I'll tone it down for you on your special day.)"
- Crystal, my grammar buddy

"Zyra needs a playmate."
- George & Lara (hint taken but not necessarily appreciated)

"I look forward to borrowing your new Tupperware."
- Zack, who never leaves our house (read: fridge) empty-handed

"From: Just Chuck."
- Chuck, single and unapologetic

- Lise pretty much covered the page (how very French of her)

Photo Highlights:
- My cousin Chris saluting the camera
- Rocky, who appeared in multiple pictures with ladies who didn't have dates ;)
- Geoff's 'grandma' Katherine, who was standing near the punch table... and was about the same height as the countertop - adorable

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Please Pray...

...For a family connected to our church who is losing their dad as we speak. He was seriously injured yesterday when he fell off a roof while helping a friend - and he's leaving behind three teenage daughters.

It's an incredibly tough situation, and incredibly hard to understand. All we can do is pray.

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007


What: 26.2 Mile Run
Date: Saturday, November 24
Place: Pembina Highway Running Room
Time: 09.00 - 13.30

(I'm stealing some of Brandy's summary, because she did such a great job of explaining!)

Mona Stott is putting on a 26.2-mile run to raise money for the Health Sciences Centre and the Mood Disorder Association (in Joey's name). She is asking everyone to come out and support the causes by either walking, running, or biking. You can do the whole thing or half of it, or put a relay team together or just do a mile or a block... Whatever you feel the most comfortable doing - or just show up to support this cause.

Why "Imagine"? It means there is hope - not for Joey, but for you, a friend, or a loved one thinking there is none. 1 out of 4 in Manitoba is suffering from depression, struggling and not knowing they can get help.

If anyone is willing to make a donation, please send it by mail to Mona Stott - Box 746, Niverville MB, R0A 1E0. Or just get it to me, and I'll make sure it gets to the right place.

NOTE: This is not an official marathon, it is a 26.2-mile run being held to raise awareness and money in support of mental health.

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Pics from Grandma's Big Day

My grandma turned 75 last week, and Jessica captured some pictures of the party we threw for her on Sunday afternoon.

My grandma (mom's mom) at the party

Surrounded by all her little ducklings, checking out CJ's sketchbook

Jessie and Grandma


Sophie & Anica

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Run Colbert Run

Some great little pieces of journalism have been popping up all over the place, talking about Stephen Colbert's semi-fictitious run for President. Here's The Colbert Notion one of the best I've found: , first appearing in The Atlantic last Friday.

If you're genuinely interested, there was another interesting one in the Washington Post today: Poll Tries to Measure the Colbert Effect.


Monday, October 22, 2007

Best Laid Plans


Tonight is Geoff's only truly free evening all week. He's worked the last two nights. And after today, we have a string of four day shifts in a row - which means that he'll be coming home just before 8 and needing to be asleep by 9.30. Not the end of the world, but it meant that it was incredibly important to me to leave the office on time today. And so I worked all day toward my goal of leaving at 5 today.

Which is absolutely meaningless when I'm waiting on stuff from other people who do not share my single-minded goal of spending time with my husband. And so, I am still here. Waiting on a proof. And trying so very hard not to be a *total* bitch about it.

Update: 5.21 pm.
Still waiting on a design proof to send to my client. Walking around VERY LOUDLY in my most menacing high heels to express my displeasure.

Update: 5.26 pm.
Have the proof, but my email crashed and so I can't send it out to the client - though it appears I'm still receiving emails. Just can't send them.

Update: 5.29 pm.
Email from the client: he's going home and will review the proof from there. Which means that I might be stuck here forever. And I still can't email. Sighing as dramatically as I can muster.

Update: 5.49 pm.
Still no email. Finally sent the proof to my client via my home address webmail. Which merely solves the first problem. And brings me no closer to going home tonight. TYPING. VERY. LOUDLY.

Update: 6.04 pm.

Update: 6.36 pm.
At home. Still working. But now working in closer proximity to The Boy, who is doing dishes and making dinner. Not really sure how or why I deserve this - the good OR the bad - but I'm reaching a state of acceptance. And my blood pressure is approaching normal.


Weekend Update: Sick & Tired Edition

I don't know how it's possible that I'm still not feeling well. I'm trying to just ignore it and live my life anyway - I gave it two days off to get better and it chose not to, so tough luck :)

On Friday, Geoff and I met a bunch of his friends for dinner. We tried the new Academy restaurant (where Freehouse used to be), and were thoroughly underwhelmed. In fact, the service was TERRIBLE. Which was really disappointing because we love the original location, and their service is always awesome. Anyway. I'm unlikely to go back.

On Saturday, we ran errands in the morning, then met up with Emily for lunch. Geoff went home to sleep (he worked nights the rest of the weekend) and Em and I enjoyed a good old-fashioned Girls Day of shopping, food, and movies.

Yesterday, I sang at church in the morning and met some friends for breakfast. Then we headed to Rosenort for my grandma's birthday - she turned 75 this week. We hosted an open house for her in the afternoon, then our whole family had dinner together. It was so fun to see her so happy. My dad and I hid from the old cheek-pinchers and volunteered in the kitchen for most of the afternoon, though I helped serve cake and coffee and did my fair share of mingling.

It ended up being a really long day - especially for a girl who wasn't feeling so hot to begin with. I started on some new stuff this weekend after my new doctor discovered *another* vitamin deficiency that could be messing with my energy levels, but no change yet.

But it had a happy ending. We got an email last night from Geoff's uncle and aunt who live just outside of London, confirming plans for us to spend Sunday, November 11 in Tenterden with them. I'm looking forward to meeting more of my new family - and Geoff's only met them once, so it will be an adventure for him too! Plus, taking a train into the English countryside certainly can't be a bad thing.

Got to see Geoff for about 5 minutes this morning as he was coming home from work and I was leaving for work. This whole night shift thing will definitely be an adjustment. We're both looking forward to two weeks of 'not real life' on vacation... Only nine more sleeps! :)

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Monday Secret


Thursday, October 18, 2007

Bigger is Better

Just a heads-up that Black's Photography has a sale going on right now, exclusively through their website. From now until Sunday, October 21, all 8 x 10 enlargements are 50% when you order through (you can still pick them up at the store). http://www2.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gif


Tuesday, October 16, 2007


It's only Tuesday, and this week has been nothing short of annoying. I've been fighting off some kind of cold/flu bug since about a week before the wedding. And I have finally, officially succumbed. Today is my second 'work from home' day - known to others as a 'sick day,' except that Lindsay HATES being sick and thinks it's boring, so she still manages to bill full-time hours, just stretched out over the whole day/evening, and in her pyjamas on the couch.

Last night, Geoff made dinner and very politely tolerated my need to watch both America's Next Top Model and The Bachelor. (Yes, I said NEED. Shut up.) We also managed to get a couple of things decided for our stint in London near the end of our honeymoon. We booked a hotel - nothing fancy, but very convenient - and... wait for it... a dinner-and-a-show package to go see the West End stage production of Mary Poppins. That should be on a Letterman list of '10 ways to know for sure that your husband loves you.'

Much to my disappointment, I did have to venture outside of my house today. I needed to go drop off my car to have the MPI-mandated immobilizer installed - and Geoff was working. Argh. I called to say I was sick, and asked if I could reschedule... But if I didn't take today's appointment, my vehicle registration would be voided. And so, I threw my hair into a ponytail and went at 8.30 am this morning. NOT impressed. Even less impressed when they informed me that their complimentary shuttle service would not be able to take me home for almost an hour and a half. And the nearest bus stop was a 15-minute walk. I called a cab, but they apparently had a change of heart (my pitiful Zoolander-esque coughing from the lobby may have helped), because an older gentleman was by my side and offering to make an unscheduled shuttle trip almost immediately. Awesome. One more shuttle trip this evening, a charge of $102, and my 'free' immobilizer will be taken care of.

In the meantime, I'm trying to take care of myself and the magnified fibromyalgia / chronic fatigue that always seem to want to join in on the fun when I'm sick with anything.

Here's the tally:
- Alternating chills and boiling hotness, CHECK
- Sore throat, CHECK
- Stuffed up sinuses, CHECK
- Headache, CHECK
- Mild coughing, CHECK
- Irritability, CHECK
- Queasy stomach, CHECK
- Scratchy eyes, CHECK
- Muscle and joint pain, CHECK
- Fatigue, CHECK

I compared my list with this list of symptoms of the plague. Looks like I'll probably recover :)

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Monday, October 15, 2007

Monday Secret


Sunday, October 14, 2007

Weekend Update: 80s Attack! Edition

Geoff and I had a great time on Saturday, wandering down Academy and getting all our errands done along the way. We started at Cafe Kohler for the asparagus, brie, and cranberry sandwich - and a sour cherry danish for dessert. We ended at Tiber River, where I got talked into their pear & vanilla lotion. Delicious :)

Today was quiet - church and time with friends and family in Niverville.

It's the in-between time that got a little bit crazy... Saturday night was the Art Gallery's annual 'Art & Soul' fundraiser. This year's Warhol-inspired theme was 'Fifteen Minutes of Fame.' And Cocoon simply couldn't miss out.

In short, there were 16 of us in full 80s lazer tag gear - two teams of eight. We ended up winning for best group costume (as if wearing this stuff in public wasn't horrifying enough, we actually had to go on stage... shudder). Lots of fun. And these pics should prove it.

Most of Team Yellow

Most of Team Green

Lindsay and Dolly (I'm in awe of my own hair)

Dolly and Amber (now I'm in awe of Amber's hair)

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Wednesday, October 10, 2007


So hands up if you knew that acupuncturists sometimes attach little tiny electrodes to the needles they stick all over you in order to 'get deeper and make the treatment more effective'? Holy crap. Not really a great surprise at 8 am when you're in a hospital gown and haven't had your first cup of coffee yet. But despite my discomfort, it didn't NOT work. And Geoff very kindly distracted me from my near-panic by reading excerpts from my new Colbert book.

This is supposed to be the magical week - typically, it's the third or fourth treatment where you can really start to feel a difference (if you're going to). Today was number three. Next week Friday is number four. And we shall see...

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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Weekend Update: Turkey Edition

How would you like your update - chronologically? alphabetically? in order from happiest to most stressed out, or vice versa? in a song or a rhyme, perhaps?

I'm feeling... Well, yeah, that's it - I'm feeling. It's been a crazy ten days. I got married, I moved (a work in progress), I changed my name, I took some time off work, I came back to work, I switched over most of my ID, I started acupuncture and went for all kinds of new medical tests... And I've been fighting some kind of nasty, resilient flu bug during all of it. Exhausted is an understatement. But happy. And really, I think that the happy far outweighs the exhausted.

I'd appreciate if you could send some prayers or positive thoughts my way. I've been having a really hard time with my lower back, legs, and shoulders this past month - and it's not going away.

This weekend, I got lots of stuff unpacked and managed to get lots of errands done on Saturday - including some new kitchen stuff I was pretty pumped about (geeeek). Geoff and I visited his church on Sunday, then spent the evening with my dad's side of the extended family. Slept in on Monday (I blame the turkey), then my family helped me move some more of my stuff from my old house to our new house and caught the afternoon show of 'Ratatouille' before dinner at The Forks. Not really sure about the movie... I never switched over to thinking it was a cute little animated story. I thought it was seriously disgusting that all those rats were in the kitchen. Blech. Never mind the thousands of millions of screaming two-year-olds in the theatre, with two million screaming parents ('Shut up! Shut up! I will NEVER take you to see another movie again, EVER!!!'). Not exactly a relaxing afternoon at the movies.

And then with very little ado, it was back to work. My coworkers surprised me at the end of the day with my wedding gift: a wedding scrapbook. I cannot even describe it to you. It was the ugliest thing I've ever seen in my life, and it was GLORIOUS. It filled me with so much joy as I flipped through the pages... Pages filled to the brim with all the things I hate most: birds, spelling mistakes, collapsing bridges, eagle statues... Happy sigh. It was awesome. I was totally touched. And my stomach hurt from laughing.

I dragged Geoff through the mall this evening looking for proper sightseeing sneakers for our trip. I found some that were exceptionally cute. AND comfortable. Which is maybe a first for me :)

After dinner, we ran in at Chapters, where I stocked up on three books I'd been desperately coveting: The Shock Doctrine (Naomi Klein), Ecoholic (Adria Vasil), and - WAIT FOR IT! - I Am America (and so can you) (Stephen Colbert), which was released today. Geoff and I even stopped for a picture with Stephen on our way out. Totally made my day :)

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Many of you know that I had a very stupid little driving incident happen probably 2 or 3 years ago. I was backing out of a parking spot at a grocery store - slowly and shoulder-checking - when a car pulled up behind me and stopped. I immediately hit my brakes, and thought I'd missed him by just a hair... Until the man jumped out of his car and started screaming and cursing and pointing at a microscopic paint smudge on his shiny pretty Jaguar.

Yes, that's right. A microscopic paint smudge on his car (no dent). And nothing AT ALL on my car.

Unfortunately, if a psychopath (like the very unpleasant man who decided to plant his car immediately behind my backing-up-car) decides that he'd like MPI to pay for this paint touch-up, MPI counts this as a full-on accident - complete with demerits, increased deductibles, in-person claims and inspections, the works. And because I was backing up, it was absolutely my fault, no questions - says the law.

Anyway. The point is that I renewed my drivers' license today and I HAVE MY MERITS BACK. Woohoo!

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Healthy Change

I had an interesting article appear in my inbox this morning, and thought I'd share.

So apparently, getting married makes the list of the eight most traumatic life changes - also including losing your job, having a baby, moving, retiring, death of a loved one, leaving a long-term relationship, seeing your last kid off to college, and going from employee to entrepreneur. I'm not really finding it 'traumatic' but reading this list helped me to realize that any extra emotions I'm feeling are very, very normal.

This article offered a few tips for making it through life transitions in a healthy way. I think I might try out this advice. And I realized it might not hurt to spread it around a little - I think we can all benefit from taking better care of ourselves.

1. Embrace it. Instead of asking yourself "When am I going to get back to normal?", be thankful that you are given an opportunity to reflect on your life and possibly come out with a new, improved, emotionally healthier you. You may not want to do this in public, but repeat the mantra "uncertainty is powerful and liberating!" as often as you can, and you may just begin to believe it.

2. Carve out quiet, reflective time. I find that people who are in the midst of a career change feel extremely guilty for taking any time off between the "old gig" and the new. But in fact, if you don't take some time off between endeavors, you are much more likely to either choose the wrong vocation, or find yourself just as frustrated in your new situation as you were in your old one. So don't beat yourself up if you feel the need to just space out, take long walks, or cook good meals.

3. Do something creative. If you are a frustrated artist, now is the perfect time to break out your paints, or clay, or camera, and engage your creative senses. You want to be more in a state of feeling rather than thinking, and creative pursuits are great for that.

4. Ask yourself "What am I afraid of?" Your fears hold lots of information which can shape your new life. If you are getting married, you may fear losing your independence, or your prized Hot Car collection, or your sense of spontaneous passion. Don't choke down these fears, look at them closely and use them as the basis for good, healthy discussion with your spouse-to-be about how you can design a life to incorporate the things that are important to both of you.

5. "Try on" different scenarios that don't fit the "old" you. When you are working full-time as an employee, or raising teenagers, or whatever your "old life" consisted of, you can get set in a certain persona. As you leave your familiar role ("I am the ultimate mother figure to my kids whose primary goal is to support and nurture") and move towards your uncertain future role, try on some new, totally different scenarios ("I am a wanderlust-filled traveller whose only thought is how to indulge my every whim, dance on tabletops and eat exotic food.") You may just find that the person you once were, or always wanted to be, is just waiting for you to step into her shoes.

6. Tune up your health. When I went through a slow period in my consulting business a couple of years ago, I used the free time as a way to get back into working out. I took up yoga, pilates and kickboxing, dropped 20 pounds and found that my overall emotional well-being skyrocketed. A time of great personal transition is NOT the time to indulge in drugs or alcohol as it will only drown out your creative voice and reinforce feelings of fear and anxiety when you wake up next to your empty tequila bottle. Instead, eat healthily, exercise and breathe in as much clean air as you can and you will find that peace and clarity emerges from deep within.

7. Cut back on obligations to ensure alone time. You want to reduce as many obligations as you can so that your primary focus is yourself. So just because you don't have a "day job" anymore, don't volunteer to chair the holiday food drive at your local shelter, or to watch the neighbor's 3-year old quadruplets. Once you are clear and moving in your new life, you can train for sainthood on earth again. For now, clean out the lint from your own bellybutton.

8. Clear out clutter. A period of transition is a great time to clear out junk, boxes, papers, pictures, old clothes, moldy food from the back of your refrigerator and expired cans from the pantry. A clean environment really does contribute to a clean mind. I am also a big fan of rearranging furniture since it will get you comfortable with seeing familiar things in a new and different way.

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Monday, October 08, 2007

Monday Secret


Friday, October 05, 2007

All Happy and Official

Okay, I have to brag... Because my *husband* (crazy!) totally made my day with his thoughtfulness this morning. I had to get up super-early for a client meeting, and while I was getting ready, he was downstairs surprising me with breakfast: bacon, eggs, toast, orange juice, coffee. And then he drove me to work.

I'm fully intending to enjoy this now, so I can look back on it fondly when we're old and cranky and hate our lives and each other.


So far today, we've also received a phone call that our Marriage Certificate is ready for pick-up - which Geoff took care of (noticing a pattern? he's off work until the 12th). Then we took that and went to get my Manitoba health card updated. AND we got our confirmation that our cruise in Greece has been booked. Very excited about both of these developments.

Here's a map of where we'll be visiting:

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From FishbowlNY this morning:

New York alt.comedians conquer again. It's just been made official that Comedy Central has picked up Demetri Martin's new tv show for '08. Martin's a downtown standby and a featured contributor on The Daily Show — and his show will be produced by Jon Stewart's Busboy Productions.

Important Things With Demetri Martin will be Busboy's second series for Comedy Central since they signed a deal in 2005; The Colbert Report was the first (and, hey! Stephen Colbert is one of our Golden Boa winners). Here's the good word from the Hollywood Reporter:

In his show, Martin will alternate between taped sketches and stand-up performances in front of a studio audience. The network has struck gold with this format before, including with Chappelle's Show and Mind of Mencia, which received a fourth-season order Tuesday. But Lauren Corrao, executive vp original programming and development at Comedy Central, noted that Martin's style of humor is nothing like the sketch shows the network has previously tried. The pilot puts Martin's sly, thoughtful manner to use by having all the segments riff on "the important things" about... chairs. Future episodes will give the same treatment to everything from apples to "what happens after we die," she said.

Congrats to Demetri... But can someone explain why Mencia is still on the air? Does anyone find him funny? Anyone?


Thursday, October 04, 2007

Back to Normal(ish)

So 95% of my stuff is moved into the house, and about 2/3 of that is unpacked. Geoff very nearly had a heart attack when he saw the bedroom closet. Fine, closets. I guess I have a lot of stuff. I'm planning to tackle the kitchen tonight... Wish me luck!

We spent Monday with Rob & Vicky (Geoff's best man and his wife) and had a great time with them before they returned to Vancouver. I hadn't really had a chance to get to know them before this week - we were in BC for their wedding in May, but they were understandably busy during that time - and it was great to spend some time together.

Tuesday, we started the process of getting our marriage registered and my name changed. It felt really weird, and I still have no idea how to sign things - I think that girls are supposed to practice writing their new name, but that always seemed kind of strange to me. Well, right up to the point where my name is almost officially changed, and I don't know how to write it down.

Our friends and family came over on Tuesday night for a potluck dinner, and we opened cards and gifts from the wedding. We were so overwhelmed and grateful. My favourite part was seeing the guest book - we had pages for people to sign beside Polaroids we took of all our guests, and it was so much fun to see everyone who was there and read all their comments.

And then yesterday, we were up early to drive Marilyn to the airport. The rest of the day was spent moving stuff from the old house to the new house, unpacking (see above), running errands, finalizing honeymoon bookings, paying bills, more name change stuff, another acupuncture appointment for Lindsay, and just general busyness.

All in all, probably not the most glamorous three post-wedding days in history, but they had an easy kind of perfection to them. It's not a huge adjustment. It's more like lots of tiny little adjustments. But happy adjustments. We're incredibly happy, and that's the most important thing.

This morning, we had a 'breakfast date' - a very normal thing for us, but a little bit strange today because we didn't have to meet anywhere. Then I went to work and Geoff went for his blood donation appointment. Back to normal. The new normal. And so it begins...

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The World According to CNN

In case you haven't figured it out already, Geoff and I are kind of geeks. Not the really bad type. Just the type that watches CNN in the evenings for fun sometimes. Last night, we were not disappointed. I swear, major American news broadcasts are often funnier than sitcoms.

In the space of 30 minutes, we learned about:
(1) How about 80-90% of all illegal immigrants from Mexico are criminals.
(2) How, contrary to what you may think, all Hispanics are actually NOT the same!
(3) That you don't need to be able to do simple subtraction in order to host a major primetime news program on CNN.

Fascinating stuff. It made me kind of strangely patriotic.

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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

More Wedding Snapshots

Again, these aren't Kristen's pretty ones yet, but a sneak peek of shots collected from friends and family this week...

Looking kind of exhausted after pictures

My bouquet

My Mama

My HUGE new family
LEFT OF US: Geoff's brother Kevin. Geoff's sister Joanne & Al (and their kids: Hannah, Ruth, Libby, and David). RIGHT OF US: Geoff's mom. Geoff's sister Carole & Ray (and their kids: Justin, Cheyenne, Niles, and Sean).

Anica & Sophie's flowers

Foxy Emily



Kevin & Jessica

Jessica & Mom

Me and the GIRLS - Anja and Kari-Ann

Classic shot of the Three Amigos - Chuck and Anja

The ceremony set-up at the Millennium Centre

A shot my sister snatched (sneaky weasel)

Super-classy pic of Anja and Lindsay feeling a little bit hungry before the ceremony

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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Belated Monday Secret

I loved this one... It made me wonder how many people are living their lives doing something less than what would really make them happy.


Monday, October 01, 2007


So the wedding day was perfect. Not flawless, of course (is that even possible?). But perfect. Thank you to all our friends and family who helped ensure that it all came together. We had such a fun day.

Geoff and I went for a walk this afternoon. At one point, he turned to me and confessed that he doesn't really feel any different than he did last week. And you know what? Neither do I. I think I'm more calm and more happy. But this married thing feels so normal. In a very good way :)

So now the big wedding countdown is over. And the new one begins: exactly one month til we leave for our honeymoon in Greece!

We won't have professional pics back for a month or so, but I'll post some as I receive them from other people. And we'll start with these ones, courtesy of my friend Erin.

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