Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Let's see who I need to stop being friends with. Oops. I mean, let's celebrate our political differences!!!

Here are my results. Take the quiz yourself at It will take about 90 seconds.



Me and my sister Jessica at Easter.


Thursday, April 20, 2006

Whoever told you it was all about the personality... LIED. (Sorry.)

Too much fun for words... We'll call it a tribute to my recent first date which may now go down in history as my last online date.

The 100 UNsexiest Men.


Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Rock The Vote, or How To Pretend Others Care About Your Opinion

Sorry 'bout the title... I've been watching lots of Rocky & Bullwinkle lately.

Just telling the world that you can vote for the Webby Awards People's Choice (for those of you non-geeks, the Webby's are basically the internet equivalent of the Oscars).

Here's the part where you get to feel important: REAL judges for this year's Webby Awards include Internet inventor Vinton Cerf, Matt Groening, Jamie Oliver, and - are you ready for this? - DAVID BOWIE.

Anyway. You can register to vote at: before May 5. Winners are announced May 9.

Have fun :)


Tuesday, April 11, 2006

What age do you act?

This week's Monday morning activity is happening on Tuesday afternoon. I was too busy working. Geez, I'm OLD.

Anyway. Do the quiz. (I honestly thought I'd be older...)


You Are 32 Years Old

Under 12: You are a kid at heart. You still have an optimistic life view - and you look at the world with awe.

13-19: You are a teenager at heart. You question authority and are still trying to find your place in this world.

20-29: You are a twentysomething at heart. You feel excited about what's to come... love, work, and new experiences.

30-39: You are a thirtysomething at heart. You've had a taste of success and true love, but you want more!

40+: You are a mature adult. You've been through most of the ups and downs of life already. Now you get to sit back and relax.
What Age Do You Act?

Monday, April 03, 2006

So you had a bad day...

This weekend, I did a very brave thing. I finally signed myself up for The Arthritis Society's Fibromyalgia message board. I decided it was time to get over myself and my pride, and to join this group of people who (as much as I hate to admit it) really 'get' me and what I live with.

New users are encouraged to post a bio, tell their story. And so I did.

I woke up this morning and saw there had been quite a few responses to my post. I started reading through them and most were tremendously encouraging, welcoming me to the site and letting me know how much they could relate to one aspect of my story or another. But one woman... Oh my god.

Here's an excerpt, because it was so mean, I can't even do it justice:

You will have to pardon me but I find your story more of a "Sell" than anything real! I am not sure where you are coming from but you do not "tell" a history that the rest of us walk! I am sorry to say I do not believe a word you are telling! I have a medical background and I have a "published" background for writing stories and I hope I am not being disrespectful when I say your story is definitely "fiction" for me. I don't believe your history at all!


PS - If your story is real I most humbly beg your pardon and will gratefully respect everything you write in the future!

Um, HELLO. First, that was absolutely the meanest thing anyone could ever say to me. Second, that PS does not cancel out anything - don't pretend to be a good person. Third, and most importantly, WHO THE HELL ARE YOU???

She later posted a sincere apology (after other users jumped to my defense and Googled me to prove I had actually done Joints in Motion). She blamed in on pain and lack of sleep due to fibromyalgia. I wanted to post a reply: "You are so evil, Lucifer himself would turn down the opportunity to be friends with you. Please forgive my blunt and brutal honesty... I have fibromyalgia too."

But I'm Lindsay, so I didn't. I was mature and kind and respectful, and I accepted her apology.

I still think she's an evil bitch.


Sunday, April 02, 2006

Celebrity Sighting

In the wake of the Junos, I've decided to go with a celebrity-themed Monday morning distraction this week...

Em and I dressed up as a witch and a princess this past Halloween. But if we were going for celebrity-themed disguises, who would our best bets be? I plugged our pic into a face recognition website - you can giggle at the results here.

Then register yourself (it's free!) and play with some of your own pics... I've been amused for hours. And I must admit - I'm just a little bit curious to know which famous people resemble my friends :)


Mandy Wins!!!

Congrats to Amanda Falk, who beat out bands like Relient K and Thousand Foot Krutch to win the Juno for Best Christian Album this weekend.

We always knew Mandy was special... Now everyone else knows it too :)

Check out her music at


Saturday, April 01, 2006

Guatemala Updates

From Jenni-Lynn - Mar 31.06

Guatemala is so beautiful. I am having a great time but miss you all so much. I met Maiglory on Tuesday and it was tough because she was so shy and she was crying. After talking to the compassion staff, I found out that her mom is the health coordinator at the project and that 10 days ago she collapsed at the church and has been in the hospital since. Maiglory´s father is abusive and is not in the picture but will be if her mom stays in the hospital. Maiglory is staying with her grandmother right now and is not eating. She is so tiny. On Thursday we gave backpacks away and she was so happy. It made my day. She couldn´t stop smiling and I have some awesome pictures!! I got tons of hugs and kisses from her after that. God has been so good. I was sick on Wednesday (cold, not stomach) and when I went to the project I didn´t know if I could do it. I was hot, tired, sick, and discouraged. But I felt a strength beyond myself. For the last 2 days, the only reason I am still standing is because God is being my strength. Today I was able to go meet Ronald (my family´s sponsor child) and his family at their home. It actually was not that bad and he was so happy to see me. Dad, they say that when you come in May you are more than welcome to go and visit them. By the way, he has 2 sisters, 13 and 8 years old, and 2 parents.

Being in Guatemala has been wonderful but difficult because the way they live and do things is just so different. Please pray for safety and health and energy. I should go because there are people waiting for the internet. Thanks for all your prayers - they are definitely working. You can read my journal when you get back for a more detailed explanation, and I have tons of stories to tell. We´re going to Antigua tomorrow so that should be fun. The hard work is over and it is such a relief. I have been eating more that I ever have before!!:) I miss you and love you all so much! See you on Wednesday, and have a great weekend!

Guatemala Updates

From Mike in Guatemala - Mar 31.06

Hello everybody!!!!

wow have the last 2 days been action packed! yesterday we only got back to our hotel at 9:30 so we even had to cancel our evening debreifing session.

yesterday we woke up early again and headed off for the project just after 8. we continued painting where we had left off the day before. even though our group was much more tired which slowed the pace down we still kept finishing all the work they told us to do. however a pattern started to develop, as we were about to finish a job, we would be informed of more painting that needed to be done. so we continued to paint. yesterday was very very hot, many of us were baking but we stayed well hydrated and overall continue to be healthy.

yesterday afternoon we got to join the children again at the project. it is very difficult to describe how amazing this time was. first we got to do our puppet plays and sing some spanish songs for the children. then we went into the classes with the children to join them in their compassion schooling. during this time most of our youth had the opportunity to give their gift to their sponsor child. how precious it was to see child after child{s face light up with delight as they recieved their gifts. i could tell that a lot of you moms spent of lot of time packing due the the incrediable amount of stuff that was squeezed into those backpacks. when jenni-lynn{s 3 year old sponsor girl opened up her bag and grabbed this little yellow duck out and hugged it with glee and happyness, i was again blessed to see a divine connection between a child and us. God has been doing amazing things. since the time was going so well with the children we stayed as late as possible at the project, since i just didn{t want to put an end to the day. i can{t wait for our youth to tell you guys all about it.

today we left for the project just after 8 again and got back to painting. we had tonnes of high stuff left, and needed all the will power and determination possible to finish in the blistering heat. i also really need to mention Mike R, not only did he never complain, but he was on the ladder longer, and he worked harder then anybody else in our group. although we had planned to go to lunch at 12, we decided to finish our job so we worked and hour extra to do this. i am extremely proud of our group for all the hard work they have put in these last through days. a few of them shared tonight how they really felt that they did not have the strenght to do the work that needed to be done, but God helped them with the task that was before them.

today in the afternoon we again went on some home visits. all of the youth that had not yet seen, or not had a chance to give their sponsor child a backpack were able to do that today. the groups came back blown away by the gratitude and the generousity of the homes we visited. consitently the mom{s and dad{s could hardly contain themselves, they felt so blessed by the support compassion provides them. in the home i visited, the family had no home, so compassion provided the materials to build one. they are a family of 5 and seemed to have lots of health troubles, and as each of their children ran into various health problems (some more serious then others) compassion was there to help them out.

please continue to pray for us. pray for health, ryan is doing better, but others are feeling somewhat sick, in particular pray for Jamy{s and Jess{s health (and Mike Rempel{s sun burn from being on the ladder all day). tomorrow we are going to Antigua, please pray for saftey and that in the afternoon as some of the older youth from the project join us that we would be a blessing to them. Please also pray for Sunday morning as we will be doing a puppet play and Sam will be sharing his testimony. i also will be talking if you want to pray for me.

i shared with our group tonight how very very proud i was of them and for the hard work they have put in, and for stepping out of their comfort zones and investing in the lives of these children. it has been an amazing first 4 days, it has gone by soo quickly.