Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Sinking Feeling

I am working overtime not to panic right now (which I understand sounds like an oxymoron).

Our babysitter extraordinaire is temporarily London-bound after tomorrow, and we are SO EXCITED FOR HER. Seriously. I believe that everyone should create opportunities for themselves to explore the world - and maybe I'm extra-sentimental because London was where I did that for the first time. We'll miss her, but this is a much-needed six week break from ALL her jobs and much-anticipated time with her family.

But our interim childcare arrangement fell through last week. And I feel like I'm getting sicker every week (this weekend as a single mom with a sick baby did NOT do me any favours). And I've made commitments to clients that are 100% non-negotiable. And I'm seriously starting to feel like I've maxed out our favour bank.

Not being a drama queen. Just being honest about where my head is at.

Briony was still not feeling well when she FINALLY fell asleep last night. She had a relatively normal bedtime, but then she woke up just as I was getting ready for bed and we 'enjoyed' a neverending pajama party... And she was poking at her ear. I'm obviously worried about her. And I'm scheduled to be in the office today. She's not awake yet, but once she is, the first thing on the agenda today will be to figure out if we need to fit in a visit to the pediatrician on our last-for-a-little-while Katie Day. WOOHOO.

My bulletproof positive attitude is a little dented up today... Sorry. I just don't always know exactly how to keep everything running smoothly over here. Today, I think we'll blame the sleep deprivation thing - and the obscene amount of pain that greeted me immediately upon opening my eyes this morning.

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