Thursday, July 08, 2010

Strange Men Who Live in Cupboards

I hate myself for even thinking to complain about this. Don't even waste your energy judging me. I've totally already judged myself. And I was MEAN. Because you know what's awesome? Being at a place in our lives where we've been able to afford to hire someone who comes to help clean our house.

Know what makes it even better? When 'Josy Day' lands at the end of a too-long flare up week, on a day that also happens to be the day before we're having some friends over to help celebrate my recent birthday. YAY for good planning that results in major stress reduction.

But what ISN'T awesome? The fact that I'm exhausted and very much in pain and seriously in need of sleeeeep... And I still need to do some quick decluttering so that Josy can actually FIND our floors and furniture to clean tomorrow.

Emphasis is on the word QUICK, of course. I am SO not that person who cleans before the cleaning lady comes. But I wish I could just get a robot or something. Or freaking MARY POPPINS. Who could come and live with us. FOREVER. And magically clean up rooms while singing and dancing and whistling. Hmmm...

Maintaining a home is something pretty much every mom I know struggles with. Nevermind the moms who also work. Nevermind the moms who also work who also deal with chronic illness. I think that some dude should pop his head out of a cupboard and slip a medal around my neck every time I manage to empty the dishwasher within 24 hours of turning it on. When that happens on a day when I actually cooked a healthy and nutritious meal for my family and/or did the laundry, he should do it while singing a theme song he's composed for such an occasion.

That's right. I WANT A THEME SONG.

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At July 08, 2010 10:09 PM, Blogger perrygirl1 said...

Unfortunately, the song that runs through my head in such occasions is from Dory in Finding Nemo... Just keep swimming.. Just keep swimming..


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