Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Dishes + Gratitude

We got home from four days at the lake today.

When we leave the lake, I usually feel sad. When we pull into our back lane, I usually feel excited. When we walk in the back door, I usually feel overwhelmed. Real life just hits you SO FAST. There was dinner to scavenge for, laundry to sort, a dishwasher to unload (and before long, to reload), messages to listen to, bills to open and pay... And I know that I'll be hit with a tsunami of work and school stuff first thing tomorrow.

An hour or so later, I found myself in the kitchen - emptying and reloading the dishwasher, washing Briony's sippy cups, starting a grocery list for tomorrow... And I took a second to just let it all sink in. These were all the things I wanted SO DESPERATELY to be able to do last week while I was deep in the valley of a flare, too sick to take care of myself nevermind my family. And today, I was doing them. I found my eyes filling up with happy tears, so full of gratitude that it was just literally spilling out of me. Over DISHES.

I don't expect this feeling to last forever (or even until the end of this week), but I hope that I'll remember when it counts.

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