Wednesday, June 09, 2010

The One With Adventures, Americans, and Auntie Cait

Yesterday was our cross-border shopping day, something we put away some time (and money) to do every time we're out here just because we're in such ridiculously close proximity to good outlet malls here.

This time, we took my sister-in-law Caitlin along for the ride... Briony was thrilled to spend some extra time with her Auntie Cait - and the adults had a great time together too. We each found a couple of things - well, I found a GIANT BAG of things for Briony (and here is the reason why... SO CUTE!) - and spent most of the day laughing at Briony's random statements and excited shrieks about EVERYTHING.

She was such a trooper... We had one meltdown when she was ready for a nap earlier than we'd all agreed to meet up to leave one of the malls, but then promptly fell asleep in the car, snored all the way to our next stop, and then was back to normal for the rest of the trip. And Briony did okay too, HAHA.

Some photos of the girls shopping together... These make my heart smile. What a great memory :)

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