Saturday, June 05, 2010

The One Where I Am Brave

We're having a wonderful time here in Whistler this weekend. It's my first time here, and I'm a little bit in love with this place as a perfect weekend getaway spot. We're leaving tomorrow, but we'll be back.

We left Abbotsford just after lunchtime on Friday - after a fabulous brunch with Aaron + Cait - and Briony napped for the first half of the drive up the coast. She was awake and either fussing or screaming the rest of the way, but I'd rather not dwell on that. It was a stressful last hour. We got here and our first order of business was setting up her playpen. She promptly passed out again and we did some quick research to find a place to order dinner. Around 6 pm, Rob + Vicky + Ava arrived and Geoff ran out to pick up our lasagna feast. We delayed the girls' bedtime to pick up Starbucks and go on a quick walk through the Village and it totally paid off when they both had GREAT nights. Thank you, Vacation Gods. We owe you one.

This morning, we packed up and headed out for an adventure. We took the girls on the Peak 2 Peak gondola up to the top of Whistler and then across to Blackcomb (and back again). Yep, you read that right. Lindsay - who is deathly afraid of heights - sucked it up and not only went on a gondola, I went on the world's longest, highest gondola. 436 metres up in the air. 3.024 km of line that is entirely unsupported. Oh yeah, and our return from Blackcomb to Whistler was in a glass bottomed gondola. Gaaaah. My hands are actually sweating as I'm typing this.

Anyway. The view was gorgeous and the girls thought it was super cool that the top of the mountains were covered in snow. We saw all the downhill biking going on, and even spotted a mama bear and her cub and all sorts of alpine birds. It was as if the universe conspired to hit me with all my worst fears at once (the heights, the bears, and the birds - not the biking, hehe). Shudder. It made it all worth it to see the absolute GLEE on my daughter's face. She was actually dancing in the gondola with her face pressed up against the glass, singing 'happy! happy! happy!'

Vicky and I shopped in the Village while the babies napped and the daddies supervised, then we went on another walk before checking out the famous Splitz Grill for dinner. We stopped at the park (right near where the medals were given out) for a half hour of crazy running around, sliding, and shrieking before heading back to our hotel for bedtime.

It's been busy, but SO good. It makes all the difference in the world to be traveling with friends who have a daughter the same age as ours (the girls are a month apart). It's been fun, and I'll be a tiny bit sad to leave tomorrow... But we still have almost two weeks of 'vacation' left - if I can fit a little bit more vacation in between deadlines, of course. What's that they say about no rest for the wicked? :)

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At June 06, 2010 3:58 PM, Blogger Katie Swan said...

That sounds awesome! I'm glad you were brave! The experience sounds totally worth it!

I wonder if Whistler is hiring sounds nice out there...

At June 07, 2010 12:04 PM, Blogger Rob said...

Here's a photo of Lindsay being brave.



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