Wednesday, June 02, 2010

The One Where Briony Lives Up To Her Name

Last night, we received the news that Alan + Marilyn's neighbour has chosen to stop his dialysis treatments. The doctors give him around five days.

I've mostly just met these neighbours in passing, but they've lived here as long as Alan + Marilyn have and I know they're quite close. Briony is a frequent visitor over there when we visit, and she's been over there with Marilyn daily since we arrived this time. They love children and Briony is the sunshine in their day.

It kind of breaks my heart that Briony has absolutely no idea how she is blessing these people in possibly the most difficult week of their lives. She just knows that they love her - and on her way back down the sidewalk after last night's visit, she told Marilyn 'I love neighbours' in the way that's becoming Classic Toddler Briony. I suspect that her Briony-ness will also be a blessing to Marilyn as she says goodbye to this neighbour and friend.

When we chose Evangeline - which means 'good news' or 'bearer of good news' - as our daughter's middle name, it was because she was OUR little bundle of good news in a very dark time, bringing life to our family again. It blows me away how she is already able to be that to another family. What a special, precious girl.

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