Thursday, November 06, 2008

Plus Three

Apparently, this baby of ours takes after Geoff more than me. I would have stuck to the schedule. He'd be cool with taking his time. And let's look at the evidence: We've created a child together, and said child is still not born, despite the fact that we are now sitting at Due Date + Three Days...

I know it's normal. I don't really care about normal anymore. I care about COMFORTABLE. And overdue is *not* comfortable. Especially when you're overdue with such an incredibly active baby - those wiggles and kicks are starting to seriously hurt. I'm becoming increasingly certain that she's messing with vital organs in there.

Not sure why today is so much more annoying than usual to me. It could be the fact that I had another truly horrible sleep (I managed to stay in bed until 6 am, when I finally gave up and came downstairs in search of some kind of distraction - hopefully, I'll nap later). It could be the fact that I'm seeing my doctor again today (an appointment I'd hoped to not need). It could be the fact that, in my head, this baby was coming at the end of autumn and it's now feeling more like winter outside (ick). It could be the fact that I've gone to bed the last five or six nights having really nasty cramps and contractions, convinced that I'll wake up in a few hours and be in the middle of 'real' labour (and then I wake up in the morning and feel okay again). It could be the fact that I spent yesterday evening cuddling a brand new baby girl who was not *our* baby girl (even though I love her to pieces). It could be the fact that Geoff is clearly losing patience with Mean Lindsay, who's been living with him for a few days now (I am honestly trying very, very hard to be nice...). It could be all my incessant worrying about the fact that - even though my cold has pretty much cleared up - my arthritis is in pretty rough shape (which kind of complicates everything right now). It could be the email newsletters in my Inbox that no longer count down to Baby's arrival, but instead congratulate me and give advice on what to do with a newborn (or the messages and calls from people I barely know who are 'just curious' to find out if we've had the baby yet). It could be that I've spent the last week experiencing every single 'you're about to have a baby!' symptom in the book (multiple books, actually) - every single one except for the one where the contractions don't stop until the baby comes out. It could be that we've now officially passed every milestone I had in my head (work is finished, chemo is finished, got to see Lenny, got to see Obama elected, became an auntie), and now we are seriously just waiting...

It *could* just be hormones :)

Honestly, I think it's more the arthritis than the pregnancy. The overdue baby can't be helping, but I always start to go a little crazy once we hit Week Two of a flare-up. I think that the incessant pain just starts to make real life a little difficult to deal with.

In any case, we're starting another day over here... The days are usually okay. By evening, the combination of pregnant and arthritis and nights of bad sleep blends into a pretty nasty cocktail. But I start each day determined to enjoy it, because I want to have mostly happy memories of being pregnant - and our baby girl will be here before we know it (and I'll have days when I wish she was back inside of me, when life was 'easy'). Wish me luck!



At November 06, 2008 7:20 AM, Blogger Margaret said...

So sorry for your Lindsay - hang in there. I know it's hard - Meredith was 7 days overdue and you've heard my story of her birth. Geoff will be fine - and so will you. Just a wee bit more time - Briony is not quite ready for this cold world.

Think of you every day. I'm dealing with the other end of the spectrum (seniors) and you are the hope for me - a new baby. Just think how wonderful it will be to snuggle her every cold winter night knowing you are keeping her safe and warm.

At November 06, 2008 8:32 AM, Blogger Melanie said...

Hey Lindsay,
Thanks for the update. I was wondering where your arthritis was at. I'm praying that settles down so that labour isn't too bad. Hang in there sweetie.

At November 06, 2008 8:52 AM, Anonymous kristen said...

hmm...sounds like fun? right. i'm praying for you and hoping baby comes soon. And in the words of a really old friend: "it will all be okay." (That's what it was, right?)
oh, and congrats on the "aunt" thing!

At November 06, 2008 9:03 AM, Blogger Elleah said...

That's so exciting that your little girls will get to grow up together and are so close in age. :)

At November 06, 2008 9:42 AM, Blogger ka said...

Um, remember me out on the riding lawn mower? And raking leaves? And taking daily 4 mile walks? Overdue sucks - I don't care what anyone says. Fortunately they are so stinking cute when they get out that you aren't willing to send them back and you *almost* forgive them for being so stubborn.

Speaking of stubborn - while, yes, you would have stuck to the schedule, I do believe Miss Linds has a bit of a stubborn streak, so I'm not entirely convinced that Baby Briony is taking after her father right now. *wink

At November 06, 2008 10:36 AM, Anonymous Erin said...

I have no sage words of wisdom or advice for you. Just know I'm praying for you. Love you.


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