Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Happy Election Day!

A gift for all my nerd friends...

Check out this article from today's New York times for a great little synopsis of what to watch / listen for during tonight's election coverage.

Sadly, I cannot partake due to the fact that my baby refuses to be born... But in case you're so inclined, I've included links to a couple of Election Night Drinking Game options - there are many, many more ideas to be found all over the internet.
- Link 1
- Link 2
- Link 3
- Link 4
- Link 5
- Link 6
- Link 7
- Link 8
- Link 9
- Link 10

Note that one site recommends eating Halloween candy vs drinking alcohol... Interesting. I think they could make you equally sick - EW. Assuming baby doesn't show up between now and the beginning of all the election coverage, I think I'll be spending my day inventing and perfecting a non-alcoholic shot recipe.

Have fun, and be safe! Oh, and if you're American - VOTE!

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