Friday, June 22, 2007

Honoured Guest

Yesterday afternoon, I had the absolute privilege of attending the wedding of two people who I love very much: Anja and Kyle. I say privilege, because there were only ten people invited to this gorgeous, simple little wedding in the Leo Mol Garden at Assiniboine Park, followed by a barbecue in Kyle's mom's backyard.

There's something kind of crazy about what you feel when one of your very best friends gets married. With Anja, there's another layer, because no one deserves this happiness more than she does. We're all such big fans of Kyle - and I've never seen her so happy. It's no secret that her friendship means a lot to me. Who knew that the super-thin, super-pretty, incredibly intimidating older girl with an accent (who made me redo her filing system on my first day working at an ad agency when I was 19) would turn out to be Anja :)

It was an honour to be there. And I'm still smiling today. Because a better thing could not have happened to better people.

And maybe a little bit because Switzerland *makes* you take your husband's last name on your passport :)

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