Sunday, May 27, 2007

All About Jason & Amy's Wedding

I got to do such a fun thing today. Ever been to one of those weddings that is utterly and magically JOYFUL? A celebration of the purest form of love, totally Christ-centred, and full of *something* you just can't help wanting to be around.

Geoff and I were absolutely honoured to be a part of my friend Jason & Amy's special day today. It was held at Furry Creek, on the Sea to Sky Highway that continues on to Whistler. Gorgeous. We were shuttled up the mountain for the ceremony, overlooking the ocean, and the reception was at the country club. It was the most beautiful wedding (and not just because Amy happens to be a model). There were thousands of happy tears cried, and lots and lots of laughs.

Jason & Amy's wedding ceremony

Cake cutting at the reception

I'm tearing up again just thinking about today... Jason is a special friend, and I was so excited to meet his Amy today. She did not disappoint. She was just as sweet and warm and friendly as he'd promised. A lovely girl. And a lucky one, because J is one of my favourite people in this world. We met so randomly - online - and quickly bonded through our shared sense of sarcastic humour and our jobs in advertising and marketing. We realized soon that we shared so much more than that. This was only the second time I've spent time with J in person, but I couldn't begin to estimate the hours we've spent on the phone, on MSN, and on email. J is my encouragement, my reality check, and my post-first-date debrief guy (though I haven't required his services in a while). He shares so openly and asks tough questions. He does not tolerate excuses for anything less than 110% of everything I can give to something that's meaningful to me, and he demonstrates that same passion and determination in his own life. Oh, and he tells the worst jokes you've ever heard.

It meant so much to me to be able to share this day with them, the beginning of their happy ending. Thank you, J (I know that you'll read this eventually, whenever you two lovebirds come up for air and have internet access).

Me with Jason

After the wedding, Geoff and I detoured to Horseshoe Bay and enjoyed a short walk along the harbour while we waited for our (incredible) takeout sushi. A wonderful end to a wonderful day spent with wonderful people.

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