Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Getting some groceries in this house again after a fabulous four days out with my parents.

Researching recipes and meal ideas for the psychoallergenic diet I'm scheduled to start next week - compliments of my new fibro doc. Also, I should copyright that word I just made up because it's chock full of AWESOME.

Finding homes for all the new toys that came back home with us over the holidays. Including Mama's awesome new toy: a sexy new KitchenAid mixer that I can't stop petting. Seriously. It was a good Christmas.

Switching calendars.

Fighting to find a balance inside my totally over-holidayed body.

Laughing at the new phrases Briony's trying out every day. My latest favourite? 'WAIT A MINUTE!'

Thinking about 2011. I'm honestly feeling very overwhelmed by all the unknowns and milestones and adventures that are coming our way, but I'm working hard to get myself to a good place - full of good perspective - before the new year begins.

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