Monday, December 20, 2010

Come On, Baby!

Know what's move nerve-wracking than waiting for your baby to be born? Waiting for SOMEONE ELSE'S baby to be born!

Okay, maybe not MORE nerve-wracking. But I've been bouncing around the house all day hoping for some exciting new baby news from Rob + Vicky (and big sister-to-be Ava) Vancouver. We've been receiving updates all day and it's *supposed* to be soon... They were bumped because of a car accident that needed to use their OR first. It's hilarious how even a c-section can be so totally unpredictable. It just makes me think that every baby ends up with their perfect birthday, no matter how the whole birth process happens.

Oh my GOSH, I am so excited to be an 'auntie' again :)

Sending lots and lots of love - and prayers for another happy, healthy baby - from Winnipeg...



At December 21, 2010 5:38 PM, Blogger Lindsay said...

We got a *very* excited phone call around 03.00 (our time) last night letting us know that Isla Helen was born in Vancouver at 11.44 (their time) - 8 lb 14 oz and mom + baby sailed through the c-section with flying colours. Rob + Vicky haven't sent pictures yet, but I am sooo looking forward to seeing this little princess.

YAY for BABY GIRLS! With both Ava + Isla to play with, Briony is going to think their house is DISNEYLAND :)


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