Wednesday, December 15, 2010

One Moment With Briony

REINDEER = RAINBOW DEER in our house this holiday season.

She's started correcting herself, which breaks my heart because 'wainbow deer' is pretty much the cutest thing ever ever ever.


Yesterday, I was trying to make dinner and Briony kept bringing me her little animal puppets from the living room. She came cruising in with a little shark puppet on her finger and said, 'Look Mama! It's a SARK!'

I pretended to be scared and she looked at me with total disdain. 'Mama... IT'S NOT REAL.'

Thanks for clearing that up.


Briony loves Hello Kitty. I won't lie... It's one of her interests that we encourage a little just because Geoff + I happen to like Hello Kitty stuff vs most other things for little girls.

But Hello Kitty has been discussed A LOT in our house lately - and now Briony will occasionally refer to her stuffed animals as 'Hello Turtle' or 'Hello Giraffe' or 'Hello Squirrel'... You get the picture.

It's kind of hilarious and kind of impossible to explain to her.

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