Friday, December 10, 2010

Such Sweet Sorrow

How is it possible for a human to feel SO sad and SO happy at exactly the same time? I'm really kind of dramatically sad that our trip is winding down... But I am ridiculously excited to see Briony. I MISS HER. I'm pretty sure I had a dream last night where I could SMELL her. And I don't feel like I have any right to be sad. It's been an incredible trip - everything we wanted it to be - and how can you be sad about that?

We went back to Les Halles for breakfast today before taking our last trip uptown to Central Park. I know, it's funny that we waited until the very last morning of our trip to see Central Park - but we'd planned all along to do it this way. We had tentatively planned to be cheesy and do the whole horse and carriage thing, but we were there too early in the day. And so we walked.

We spent a little over an hour wandering through part of this massive greenspace and I was SHOCKED at how much I recognized. Like so much of this place, it felt totally familiar. You see these places in movies, in photos, on television so often that it seriously feels like you've been here before. I kind of loved that. But it was so odd to start to add context and orient yourself.

And then it was back to the hotel to do our last few minutes to packing (we'd done most of it the night before... I was totally wired after Wicked) and check out of our hotel. The taxi ride to the airport felt SO short, and before we knew it we were through security and having lunch at La Guardia, waiting for our plane.

As we took off and gained altitude, we plane turned and give us a perfect view of Manhattan. Very slowly, the clouds began to block our view until there was nothing left to see.


And happy.

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At December 10, 2010 10:51 PM, Blogger Danae said...

Yes, one of the bonuses of being a mom.... It's so nice to get away for short times, but it's so WONDERFUL to have someone to make going back home (and back to routine) exciting :) Glad you had a great trip!

At December 11, 2010 9:10 AM, Anonymous erin said...

oh man...i'm sad now. i've been living vicariously through your amazing adventure. waiting expectantly every day for the updates and blog posts! i'll have to take YOU with me when i go one day because you managed to hit all the things on my list of places to see in NY. i'm so incredibly happy for you. what an amazing trip and opportunity!


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