Friday, December 10, 2010


Yesterday was our last full day in NYC and we didn't want to waste a moment. Our first stop of the day was Soho where we grabbed coffee + breakfast goodies from Balthazar (YUM) and tackled our official Shopping Morning with visits to the MOMA Design Store, Uniqlo, Topshop, KidRobot for Geoff, and a bunch of other favourites that we simply do not have in Winnipeg.

One notable stop was at the WIRED pop-up holiday store to visit Oi - cellular furniture designed by friends of mine. Oi is a client of mine and I worked on some of the PR when they were chosen for this year's WIRED holiday gift guide, so it was very cool to get to see what I'd been working on. I so rarely have that opportunity doing freelance.

After lunch and a quick stop back at the hotel to drop off bags, we took the subway uptown and walked the 'good' shopping streets... I'll pause here to wipe away a single crystal tear. With an unlimited credit card getting billed to someone else - and my husband does NOT count - I could have done some very serious damage in this city. It was super cool just to see, and we managed to sneak in quick stops at a bunch of other places on our list - the Plaza Hotel, Serendipity, Bloomingdale's, Tiffany's, FAO Schwarz (that piano is awesome), the cool glass cube Apple Store, Toys R Us (there's a freaking FERRIS WHEEL in there!), Bryant Park... And a stop at the world's largest Build-A-Bear, of course, for our little B.

Again, there's no way I could even make a proper list of everything we did and saw and experienced. It's just incredible to me that there's SO MUCH in such a small space. London is close, but this takes it to another level.

Let's pause here for a moment, shall we, and talk about how happy New York makes me. Geoff's been bugging me to decide if I like London or New York better, and I will die insisting that they're just DIFFERENT. But this trip to New York felt like a visit to my mothership. And I fought that a little, because it seems so incredibly shallow. But I WORK IN ADVERTISING. And very much on purpose. I eat this stuff up. And it was just FUN to me to be at the centre of all of it - even if we were just visiting.

Dinner was at Maze by Gordon Ramsay. At risk of sounding incredibly obnoxious, it was okay. It was GOOD. It was totally more than good. But it wasn't the best meal we had on our trip. (Funny, hey?) I think that Del Posto has ruined us for all other food forever. In a good way.

The Gershwin Theatre was just down the street and after showing our tickets we were surprised to discover a mini-museum set up in the lobby. We saw an original production script for Phantom of the Opera, the skull used in the Broadway production of Hamlet, the scribbles that would become the song 'Tomorrow' in Annie. And I think it was even more special to see it because it was so absolutely unexpected.

And then (...drumroll please...) it was time for WICKED. We has booked it thinking we would save the best for last. And it was glorious. It was absolutely everything I had hoped it would be. The only thing that would have made it better was seeing the original cast - with Kristin Chenoweth and Idina Menzel - which is clearly not a possibility. So it was perfect.

Which made it the perfect ending to our kind of perfect trip.

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