Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A (Temporary) New Normal

Geoff is home. He's doing absolutely as well as can be expected. He's in a full leg brace and crutches, but handling it really well. It will be a few days before he's off T3s and a little more mobile. Over the course of the next six weeks, he'll be able to slowly start putting more weight on his leg and gradually starting to bend the knee. Of course, it's his right foot so I'll be the driver in this family for the foreseeable future. His time off work will be a minimum eight weeks.

Libby is settling in here and it's AWESOME. After a boring first 24 hours spent mostly at the hospital with Geoff and I, she's jumped right into helping around the house, running errands, and playing with Briony. I would be a total mess without her here right now.

We're feeling so very loved and supported. Our goals over the next couple of days will be to get Geoff feeling better, to help Briony transition into her (temporary) new normal, and to get me back working part-time.

Hoping for a very quiet and uneventful night... WHO AM I KIDDING. I'm hoping for a very quiet and uneventful REST OF OUR LIVES :)

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