Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Smile

Last night, I had an opportunity to do something kind of special. Emily + I attended my friend Anja's art show opening - 99 Pieces of Art on the Wall - at cre8ery. It was interesting to see the work of so many local artists in so many mediums, but what made it special was getting to see Anja's work in that setting. It was incredible to me that I could spot one of her photographs or paintings from across the room and know that it was hers. And I finally got to see her studio space there, which was very important to me.

Anja pursues creative expression like no one else I've ever met. It's so naturally and authentically a part of her, and it makes me so proud to be able to call her a friend (and so inspired to pursue new ways of expressing my own creativity in my own way). I'm also - somewhat selfishly - very excited that Briony can grow up around her Auntie Anja and be exposed to art in this way.

You can take a look at some of Anja's work on her Anja Studios blog. And definitely check out the show during its run between now and September 3.

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