Wednesday, August 18, 2010

30 x 30

The development of this list began about a month before I turned 29. It took WAY TOO LONG to finish it, because I had to fight every instinct to make these goals overly specific and actionable and measurable as per my public relations background (ahem... TYPE A).

I love the idea of a 30 x 30 list. Let's face it, I love the idea of ANY list. This one has been greatly influenced by so many things that I've been reading and thinking about and praying about lately.

No matter the external circumstances, it's the desire of my heart to be HAPPY, and to be in a place where I can project that happiness into my family and my relationships. As someone who believes that happiness is a choice, it only makes sense to create goals and take action to create a happier life for myself. And as a person who's approaching a significant milestone in my life, it only makes sense to use that milestone as a goal.

I'll be honest. It was very, very hard not to make one of these goals weight-related. But the older I get, the more I realize that my weight is not tied to my happiness. My health is, though, and I've made a few goals that address that.

I'm excited for 30. I've told Geoff that it feels like my 20s were all about working toward goals I hadn't really even set yet - false starts and guesswork and laying the foundation and piecing together the things that would make up my grown-up life. At 29, I have my husband and my career. I have my baby and our family is complete. We live in a house that's exactly where I've always wanted to live. Part of me finds this terrifying, because I'm a girl who's always working toward something. But part of me is excited about the idea of spending my 30s ENJOYING everything in my life. And that's where my resolutions come in, because it would be a shame to have this fabulous life and let these years slip through my fingers without truly enjoying them. I simply will not let that happen.

So here it is, and here we go...

30 x 30: 30 Resolutions Before My 30th Birthday

1. Go on vacation with just my husband.

2. Take better control of my health.

3. Declutter my house (basement included... *shudder*).

4. Replace my favourite VHS movies with DVDs.

5. Start a proper file back-up system.

6. Find a perfect little black dress.

7. Update my address book.

8. Finish school.

9. Find a creative outlet that isn't related to my work.

10. Date Geoff again.

11. Establish family traditions.

12. Start saving for my 20th sickoversary trip.

13. Catch up on watching Mad Men.

14. Focus on living more mindfully and being present in every moment.

15. Connect with a church community (whatever that means).

16. Take more pictures.

17. Finish our will + power of attorney stuff.

18. Learn to drive standard.

19. Replace these glasses that I've been wearing for FAR TOO LONG.

20. Remember my travel mug when I go to Starbucks.

21. Upgrade our family car.

22. Develop a morning routine that is comfortable and sustainable.

23. Exercise regularly.

24. Seek out and build up new friendships.

25. Make old friendships more of a priority.

26. Remember important dates.

27. Start a memory box for Briony.

28. Look for opportunities for random acts of kindness.

29. See myself the way that others see me (and stop being so hard on myself).

30. Blog every one of these resolutions.



At August 18, 2010 1:23 PM, Blogger Amber said...

I can help you with #3 - the basement, any time you need.

I would like to join you on the quest for #6.

I believe I have done my part already with #7.

May I suggest scrapbooking for #9? ;)

I have the first three seasons for #13.

I forbid #24, because I refuse to let you spend any less time with Christine, Dolly and myself ;)

#26 - My birthday is Apr 25.

#28 is a REALLY good one, and so easy to do and make a difference in someone's day.

#30 and the whole list, and every day - I admire your ambition.


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