Saturday, August 07, 2010

Coming Home

It’s amazing how much can happen in a week, isn’t it? It feels like I’ve lived a year in the week (and a bit) since Briony + I came out to BC.

I feel like I turned a little corner today. This morning was rough - made even rougher by the fact that Briony was up twice last night (no idea why) - and when we headed out to Mill Lake via Starbucks for a walk after breakfast, I was definitely doubting the day’s plans a little bit. By the time we circled the lake and gave Briony a chance to run out some energy in the playground, I was feeling a little bit better. Not great, but a little bit better. I emerged from the dark place called ‘I don’t think I can do this anymore’ and snuck one toe past the line into ‘I think I’m going to be okay.’

The constant headache sucks. So does the queasiness. Marilyn ventured out today to find me some more of God’s greatest gift to mankind (also known as Ginger Gravol). But my pain level is slowly starting to come down a little bit and hopefully we’ll see even more progress in the next couple of days. I told Geoff today that I'm not doing as well as I'd hoped, but it's under control enough that I can suck it up and muddle my way through tomorrow.

And just to keep everything interesting, I’m pretty sure that Briony is teething again, and we’ve been dealing with a fussier-than-usual baby during the last 36 hours or so... I’m praying that she wakes up happy and healthy and ready to be the BEST BABY EVER on the flight tomorrow.

We're just about finished packing (and we’re coming home with mostly clean laundry again, which I LOVE) - just a few last minute things to take care of *early* tomorrow morning. I made a grocery list for home and I'm just finishing up some decaf coffee + a cupcake... Oh, and an episode of Criminal Minds that I'd never seen before, if you can believe it. I am *so* looking forward to crawling into bed in a few minutes. It feels well-earned today.

I’m happier than usual to be coming home to Winnipeg (mostly because Geoff is there), but it’s always so sad to leave... I'm choosing to focus on how incredibly lucky we are to have two beautiful places in the world that are so very full of family and friends and LOVE.

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