Saturday, June 12, 2010

The One Where I Resurface (Briefly) in Kamloops

It was sunny and 29 degrees here today. I'm tempted to leave this post right there, but I do have a couple of other things to say :)

It's been a whirlwind couple of days roadtripping it up to Kamloops and hanging out with Geoff's sister and her family. Al + Joanne's middle children - Libby + Ruth - graduated from high school this weekend, which I think officially makes us OLD.

Last night, we attended their convocation ceremony. More accurately, I listened to most of it from the nursery in the church and then took Briony home to bed before it was over. We did get to sit in the crowd and cheer as they walked in, and I got to see them receive their diplomas - and the rest is just filler, I suppose.

Today, we checked out the farmer's market and a petting zoo (where Briony fell in love with baby goats ['I love gokes!']... there may be more on that later when I get around to posting some photos). After B's nap, much fun was had outside with a watering can in her bathing suit before we all got prettied up for the graduation dinner. Neither last night nor her nap today were particularly wonderful, and I knew when we were getting ready that tonight had disaster written all over it. Again, we planned for Briony and I to leave when we needed to. Fortunately, I got to eat first. Unfortunately, I didn't get dessert. Fortunately, there's a drive-thru Dairy Queen here that was easily found thanks to our GPS :)

Before we left, Briony started a little dance party in the middle of the room - at a private Christian high school graduation that doesn't allow a dance as part of their graduation festivities. But there was music, and there was a dance floor (WHY???), and so we danced. And the image of Briony with Libby in her grad dress dancing in the middle of the floor, lifting and twirling their skirts, is one that I'll treasure always and laugh about often.

I am so proud of Libby and Ruth and everything they've accomplished so far. They are incredible young women and I can't wait to see where they'll go and what they'll do with the rest of their lives. Just like when Hannah graduated two years ago, I felt *so* proud of them I couldn't stop myself from getting a little bit emotional - and these girls were all teenagers already when I met them. It was an honour to get to be here to celebrate them.

So very much to say, but Briony is sleeping - so I'm about to change out of this dress, dig into David's popcorn stash, and raid Hannah's DVD collection (insert evil auntie laughter here).

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