Sunday, June 13, 2010

The One Where I Mourn My Baby

Today, I was posting some new photos on Facebook from our weekend in Kamloops and I was struck by just how very grown up my baby is looking. I mean, I know in my head that she's a toddler now... But WOW.

This is the photo that did it.

See what I mean? She's not a baby anymore.


I can't even describe all the ways she's grown up in the last two and a half weeks while we've been there. For starters, my baby is off bottles entirely. She gave up the daytime bottles a couple of months ago, and then the morning ones went maybe six weeks ago. During the last few days before our trip, she wasn't really that into her bedtime bottle anymore - and within two days of arriving here, I realized that she was done. So we stopped. That was it, and The End was entirely devoid of drama (other than a few tears shed by yours truly because I really loved my bedtime bottle time with her). I had absolutely no clue how we were going to wean our baby off bottles, and before we were even close to an idea, she had done it herself. Typical Briony. She's not that into her sippy cup anymore either - she definitely prefers a straw or a plain old cup. She's eating almost exclusively with a fork and spoon instead of her fingers. In less than a month, she's gone from being coaxed into a few cautious steps a couple of times a day to shoving our hands away and running around. And the talking... My god, the talking... :)

WHAT IS GOING ON? Seriously.

I suspect that I'm feeling it so intensely because this is it. We are going to go home and I am going to pack up all her bottles, and I'm going to give them away, and we will never have bottles in our house again. Isn't that crazy? It was crazy to have bottles in our house, and now it's even crazier that they'll be gone.

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At June 16, 2010 3:22 PM, Blogger Sara Beth said...

Oh, it's tough to let go! I teared up reading this one, Linds. I so know what you are feeling. Your girl is so beautiful!


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