Friday, October 31, 2008

Baby Update (and some Halloween Fun)

Another week, another appointment with our obstetrician. Well, it *should* have been - except that she's on vacation this week (after specifically telling me a few weeks ago that she had no vacation plans before my due date... but I digress).

This morning, we met another doctor in the same practice group, and he was great. We got another perfect baby report, and learned that her head is engaged and *very* low (which explains a lot about how I've been feeling). No dilation yet to speak of (just a measly centimetre), but 90% effaced - so at least we know that something's going on in there. He wanted to sweep my membranes, but we decided not to... Tough decision, because I'm having a lot of hip discomfort and I'd love to meet this baby girl of ours - but it's still a few days til our due date. It was emotional because I'm putting so much pressure on myself to pop this baby out before my mom gets sick again (radiation is set to begin on November 12). But there are no guarantees, and Geoff is scheduled to work ALL weekend. I've never heard a rave review of the little procedure itself, and I know it's usually only effective if the baby's pretty much ready to come anyway. And so, we'll give it another week and see what happens. It's feeling like the right decision so far, for what that's worth.

And so, we're back at home and Geoff's working on decorating some spooky Halloween cupcakes to bring to work tonight. I decorated a dozen this morning and dropped them off at Cocoon. Check out the spookalicious pictures below. I think the werewolves look just a little too friendly :)

My first attempt to create a werewolf cupcake, as per Geoff's request

The gang's all here!

Some of Geoff's creations
(his werewolves are *much* spookier than mine)

Geoff's evil Halloween cat
(I am *clearly* not the artistic talent in this family, hehe)

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At October 31, 2008 3:19 PM, Anonymous Marilyn said...

Such Cool cupcakes! 1 cm isn't much but on the way:)

At October 31, 2008 10:32 PM, Anonymous yo momma said...

Wow - Geoff has a wicked streak we weren't aware of before! These Hall. cupcakes look a bit different than previous years.

At November 01, 2008 12:44 PM, Anonymous Erin said...

Those are awesome! Go Geoff!! They also look scrumptious :)


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