Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Being Domestic

So here's what I accomplished today:

1. I slept in until 09.45. I can't tell you how happy that made me.

2. After spending 15 frustrating minutes trying to figure out if I could do it online, I went and applied for maternity and parental leave benefits in person - way the heck out in St. James somewhere (which was the location closest to my house, according to the internet). After talking to someone there for 10 seconds, I proceeded to complete my application ONLINE using one of their sketchy, germ-infested computer terminals. So I went on an adventure for nothing. I guess it got me out of the house.

3. I went on a significant grocery shopping trip to prepare for my planned afternoon of domesticity.

4. I made a few phone calls that I'd been putting off for a while, using the excuse that it's hard to make phone calls during business hours when you work during businesss hours.

5. I called my bank and arranged to skip my next two personal loan payments, to give my EI application time to be processed. Sigh. I am now officially POOR.

6. I got busy in the kitchen... So far, I've tackled two freezer-friendly recipes (in absolutely ridiculous mass quantities) and I have another - and some muffins - in the works.

And that's about it. I know that it was a pretty productive day, I just can't believe how little it *feels* like I've accomplished. I know the day is coming soon when a 'good day' will be a day where I managed to shower. But for now, it's still just a little bit strange.



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