Saturday, December 04, 2010

What Not To Wear

Know what's boring? Driving from Winnipeg to Fargo.

Know what's the opposite of boring? FARGO.

Geoff + I had kind of an awesome evening checking out the fashions on display at the mall - on the people, not in the stores. I have no idea where people find that stuff, considering the stores all sell the same stuff we have at home (albeit a little bit cheaper). Seriously. We saw every variation on pajama and/or baggy zebra print pants. I wish I could erase it from my memory.

It was good to stretch our legs and even better to call it a night after we drove four hours in equally gimpy states.

Our hotel was good - actually a little bit nicer than we'd expected - minus what I can only assume was a hockey team also staying there this weekend. I got over my issues with public hot tubs and made Geoff come downstairs to the pool area with me, only to turn around and return to our room a few minutes later. Holy lazy parenting. I mean, we're parents. We get that kids make noise, especially when they're having fun. But we're talking about fifteen mostly-unsupervised hooligans running, jumping, screaming, yelling, cannonballing, towel snapping, and just generally working their way through the list of THINGS YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY NOT DO IN OR NEAR A POOL. Including a swarm of very young children in the hot tub by themselves, around the corner from where a couple of adults sitting and looking like they could not possibly have cared less about what was going on. It was ROWDYISM at its very, very finest. Oh, and this was just before 10 pm (which might actually explain why the kids were SO wild, but most definitely does NOT explain why they were still there).

Yes, I complained. No, I haven't received a response yet. No, I have not always been THIS un-fun (but almost always).

Anyway. Did I mention that the entire hotel appeared to be BIRD-THEMED? Really, they looked a little more like ducks, but a girl can never be too sure. Everything had birds/ducks, from an embroidered pillow on the bed to the snooze button on the alarm clock (was that REALLY necessary?!).

Oh. Geoff is telling me they were most definitely ducks. THIS IS WHY I BLOG ALONE.

The best part of my day was getting to spend time with Geoff - and have whole, uninterrupted conversations. I even ate dinner straight through from first to last bite without jumping up for anything... AND THE LAST BITE WAS STILL WARM. I know, I know. The mind boggles.

The worst part of my day was ALREADY missing Briony. I'm not surprised. At all. And we'll still have a great trip. It's just very clear to me that part of my heart was left behind in Winnipeg - and in a week from now, I'm going to be VERY excited to see her again.

It's off to the Big Apple tomorrow. I'm super excited, but it's also not feeling real yet. Today was a good day, but Geoff + I both agreed that it felt like some kind of lame layover / purgatory, just waiting for our REAL vacation to get started.

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