Thursday, December 02, 2010

Daily Show Guest

I'm not going to lie. When I first saw the line-up for The Daily Show's guests next week - and realized that the guest we'd hopefully be seeing on Monday is General Hugh Shelton - I groaned. Then I clicked on the link and read a little bit more about him and about the book he's promoting. Then I started getting really, really excited...

General Hugh Shelton suffered a terrible fall when he was younger - one that left him completed paralyzed from the neck down. After undergoing a very risky surgery and pushing through a ton of therapy, he made a near perfect recovery... And went on to be one of the American military's top leaders. The experiences he's had in a 40 year military career are awe inspiring (and the book dishes a lot of dirt about it).

Anyway. I'm really excited about it now. And I think that Jon Stewart does better interviews with these types of guests than with random celebrities, so it's going to be a fabulous show.

I mean, if all else fails, I'M IN THE SAME ROOM AS JON STEWART. YAY.

(Still waiting to hear who's on Colbert...)

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