Friday, November 26, 2010


Today was totally one of those days where I knew before I had even opened my eyes that things were unlikely to go well.

I had a terrible sleep and woke up in all kinds of pain - including a weird neck cramp that's contributing all kinds of joy. We had about 30 minutes to get out the door and headed in the direction of Briony's dance class. And our glue traps remained mouseless all night long. Argh.

I should have gone back to bed. I should have taken two minutes to take a deep breath and point myself in the direction of a good day. I should have stopped and had a cup of coffee + a cocktail of drugs. I should have done anything but get dressed and soldier stubbornly on, because that has only made it worse.

The end result has been a day where I feel like I've been sabotaging myself. It's been yucky. I'm counting down until it's over, and I seriously cannot wait to start over again tomorrow.

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