Saturday, November 27, 2010

One Moment With Briony

Oh, Briony... One thing I hope we'll remember when you're all grown up and super embarrassed about this kind of thing is the fact that you were hilarious when you slept.

I'm honestly terrified to ever move her to a big girl bed because she practices some serious tai chi in her sleep. When Geoff and I check on her after she's asleep, we sometimes can't contain our laughter over the uncomfortable positions we find her in... And she is ALL over the place. We used to wonder what her dreams were about, but now that she's acquired the vocabulary to be able to tell us about it in the morning, we know that she's spent the night swimming with dolphins... hehe.

It makes me smile because - after housing her inside of me for nine (almost ten) months - those movements are as familiar to me as breathing and it's really no surprise at all :)

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