Monday, August 23, 2010

Happy Day

It's been a wonderful couple of days at the lake. Geoff had a bunch of shifts booked, so my parents offered to help out and hosted Briony + I at their spot at Falcon Lake. It was so good to get away a little bit, and to enjoy so much fresh air and sunshine. We went out on the boat a bunch of times and Briony went fishing for the first time. We even dropped the anchor on the boat twice and and jumped into the lake for a swim. Incredible. Briony had some earlier-than-usual mornings, but we had some good outdoor time before the lake got busy and it turned out okay (especially because her apologies came in the form of some pretty formidable napping).

It was a tough weekend health-wise for me, but I surprised myself with my ability to keep a good attitude about it. I don't know how long I'll be able to hang onto that, but - for now - I'm trying to embrace the idea of acting the way I want to feel and pushing positive energy out into the universe instead of whining about it. Wish me luck :)

Now that we're back in civilization (tongue in cheek because Falcon is hardly roughing it... hehe), I topped off the weekend with another incredible high: I booked our much-anticipated trip to New York! Geoff + I are sucking it up and leaving Briony with Geoff's mom for a week in mid-December so that we can have some fun, reconnect, and fulfill my ridiculous girlish dream of experiencing New York City in all its Christmassy awesomeness.

I'm doing my very best to temporarily ignore the idea of being so far away from Briony for so long... A necessary evil, I suppose. It helps so much to know what a fabulous week she'll have with her Grammy :)

Oh, and the very best part? Thanks to our embracement (there MUST be a real word for that, but I'm SO TIRED right now) of Gail Vaz Oxlade's financial genius, IT'S PAID FOR. We've been putting money into our vacation savings account - a literal separate, labelled account - all year and then transferred it as a pre-payment on our credit card before we booked it so that the millisecond we clicked to finalize the purchase, it was already paid off. It was paid off BEFORE we clicked. I can't even describe to you how very, very incredible that feels.

We compromised on flights to create some wiggle room in our accommodation budget. The result is that we were able to afford exactly the hotel we wanted to stay in. I'm verrrry excited. My apologies in advance if I end up annoying you between now and December with my enthusiasm for all of this. Life's been tough this summer and it's helping me so much to have something exciting to focus on and look forward to.

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At August 25, 2010 1:56 PM, Blogger it's a gong show... said...

that's awesome lindsay! i can't imagine how beautiful it will be in december :)


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