Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The One Where Hilarity Ensues

We met up with Rob + Vicky + Ava for our final playdate of this trip. It was sad because it's so incredible that the girls have each other to play with (and Geoff + I really enjoy hanging out with Ava's parents too). Over the past week or so, Briony started saying Ava, but with two short 'a' sounds. It's kind of adorable. Today, we picked up sushi and met up with Rob's sister and her family in the park for dinner. We just managed to beat the rain and it was a good time enjoying the very end of another lovely day.

I wanted Starbucks when we were leaving tonight and Rob + Vicky (like most of our BC friends, oddly enough) have a Starbucks on the main floor of their condo building. I knew how to get there, but Geoff knew a shortcut - which he didn't really fully explain to me before taking Briony to the car and driving around to pick me up. To make a long story short, I ended up going out the wrong door and found myself in an outdoor maintenance area, in the rain, locked out of the building, fenced in and half a storey above the street. GAAAAH. I called Rob for help - barely able to explain my predicament because I was laughing so hard - and as I attempted to explain to him where I was trapped, this guy came from inside and wordlessly opened the door for me. He let me in and then headed back into the condo closest to where I was stuck, half waving over his shoulder as I thanked him. I realized later that his patio opened onto the place where I was trapped and that the window had been open, and he had likely heard my call to Rob. Then I realized that - from his reaction - this was far from the first time he'd been forced to rescue someone there. Which just made it all even funnier...

Briony didn't fall asleep on the way back from Rob + Vicky's tonight - even though it was WELL past her bedtime. She started getting fussy about 20 minutes from home, and Geoff + I resorted to singing infinity verses of 'The Wheels on the Bus' to keep her entertained. This is particularly funny because neither of us actually knows more than about two verses of this song - and so Briony's bus contained some pretty weird stuff making some pretty weird noises. She was loving every moment of it. And we needed to trade off verses sometimes just because we were laughing so hard.

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At June 15, 2010 9:57 AM, Anonymous Rob said...

What's funnier is the fact that, had you actually gone down to your car in the parkade, the only unlocked doors that you can go through LEAD YOU DIRECTLY TO STARBUCKS!

At June 15, 2010 11:18 AM, Anonymous Momma said...

you left us hanging...did you get your Starbucks or not?
I would have loved to hear your rendition of "The Wheels on the Bus". Will my munchkin need therapy??? :)

At June 16, 2010 3:23 PM, Blogger Sara Beth said...

Sounds like a Friends episode! :)


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