Saturday, May 15, 2010

Dear Briony

It's time for another Chronic Babe Blog Carnival! This week's theme is Parenting With Chronic Illness.


Dear Briony,

I know that I tell you this every day, but you are an incredibly special little girl. And you are going to grow up special - partially because you're just a cool kid, and partially because you're growing up with a sick mommy.

Being your mommy is something I wasn't sure I'd be able to have in my life, but now I can't imagine my life without you in it. You're the best thing that has ever happened to me. And even on my worst flare-up days, your noisy wet kisses are the very best medicine and all the motivation I need to get out of bed and try my hardest to make it a good day.

We're a good team, you and I. I think it's amazing how God matches up babies and families, and how he knew that you and I would be a perfect fit. It breaks my heart that you're growing up with a sick mommy, but you deal with it so well. It's like you just KNOW. You are incredible.

Most kids grow up to realize that the world is not a fair place. You are going to learn that early, and I am so sorry for that. The world you live in is not full of unicorns and rainbows and sunshine like I wish it could be. There will be little things that you are going to miss out on because I am not a 'normal' healthy mommy. I hate that, but it's true. For now, you don't really understand. Someday, I fully expect that you'll have times when you feel angry, disappointed, and frustrated with me. And that's okay, because it's going to be part of your journey to understand what makes our family special - and in turn, part of what makes you special. If you let them, it will be moments like these that help you grow into a patient and compassionate woman and they will turn this challenge into an incredible blessing in your life.

Something else that makes you special is all the people in your life who love you like family - our village. I don't know if there has ever been another girl with as many 'aunties' as you have, people who step in whenever we need a little bit of extra help. You are SO loved. And I hope that these people will continue to be an important part of your life as you grow up. You will learn so much from them, and they'll be there for you on those days when you feel angry and frustrated and disappointed.

There are things you will miss... But one thing that will not missing from your childhood is LOVE.

And birthday parties. I don't care how sick it makes me, you are going to have birthday parties - parties *almost* as special as you are :)



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At May 15, 2010 2:13 PM, Anonymous Marilyn said...

Very lovely and a special gift from a loving Mommy not only for Briony but all who read this:) God has richly blessed you both by giving you to each other.

At May 17, 2010 1:12 PM, Blogger Lindsay said...

Marilyn - Thank you :)

And I just need to send a general giant THANK YOU to all the people who have emailed me about this post... I have the most incredible support network, and I could never do this without you. I am truly the second luckiest girl in the world. (Oh, come on... Briony gets to have ME for a mom! hehe)

At May 19, 2010 12:48 PM, Blogger Erica S said...

you made me cry! this is the exact same way I feel about my 3 year old! she is amazing and understand so much! nice work mommy!

At May 19, 2010 11:30 PM, Blogger Dana Marton said...

She is very lucky to have such a special mommy!

Blessings, and God's strength,

At July 07, 2010 6:21 PM, Blogger Blogger Mama said...

What a beautiful letter! If I were to sit down and write a letter to my daughter, this is exactly what I would say!

I just stumbled upon your blog today. I love what I have read. I recently started a blog of my own. About being a mom with Sjogren's syndrome. If you get a free moment I'd love for you to check it out!

At May 23, 2011 7:10 PM, Blogger Jillian said...

Beautifully put!


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