Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Team Irma

Briony + I are signed up to participate in the MS Walk on Sunday, April 25.

I'll be walking alongside a group of friends in support of a wonderful woman named Irma Bergen. Irma is the mother-in-law of my good friend Melanie (and connected to our family in a list of other ways that tend to happen when you're from a small town like Niverville). It's scary how much MS can steal from a person, and how it affects an entire family. We need to find a cure. And I think it's super important to let these families know that they're surrounded by people who are walking alongside them.

I hope that you'll consider supporting our cause. As a member of Team Irma, I'm trying to raise $125 this month. Click here to make a donation in any amount - nothing is too small. That's the most amazing thing about these types of projects... All those tiny little donations add up to accomplish so very much. (Of course, I won't turn away a non-tiny donation... hehe.) Thanks in advance for your support, on behalf of the Bergen family.

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At April 06, 2010 7:58 PM, Blogger ka said...

Um, does Briony know her mom expects her to be walking at the end of the month??

TEE HEE. Sorry. Couldn't resist. :)

At April 07, 2010 9:02 AM, Blogger Lindsay said...



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