Sunday, January 27, 2008

Weekend Update: Now Entirely Work-Free!

FRIDAY: Work ended *promptly* at 5 pm last week, which was absolutely okay with me. It was a looooong week. My parents picked me up and we headed over to Carlos & Murphy's for a very healthy dinner (hehe) - I'd been craving their tacos all week, and I was NOT disappointed. From there, my mom and I headed to MTC for 'Fiddler on the Roof.' And I don't really have words for it... It was incredible, amazing, wonderful - the actor playing Tevye seriously gave me goosebumps, he was so perfect. The first show at MTC this fall was phenomenal, and - if it's possible - I think they just keep getting better. Next up is Glengarry Glen Ross at the Warehouse, which has me pretty excited - I love Mamet plays.

SATURDAY: Glorious Saturday. I had every excuse to sleep in on Saturday because Geoff slept half the day once he got home from work at 8 am. Unfortunately, I'm not able to sleep like I used to be able to, so I was up and showered by 10 am. I got a bunch of stuff done around town, then woke up Geoff around 3 pm - and we had a great, relaxing day together. We had the latest brunch in the world, then hung out and ran some more errands, watched TV, and then got a little fancied up for our 'date night' - sushi, yum :)

SUNDAY: This morning, we went to go see what all the fuss was about at Soul Sanctuary - a church here in Winnipeg. We joined Emily there, and ran into *lots* of other people we knew. It was nice... I like a lot of things about the way they do church. And I liked what I heard. There were two messages that I walked away with this morning. The first was that it's okay for Christians to express disappointment or hurt or anger, and to talk about the process that gets us to a place of healing - instead of just glossing over or masking up the tough, dark, ugly stuff. The second was that it's so critically important to LISTEN, and to hear other people's stories - it's the most important 'ministry' we'll ever have. Both great messages, and both truths that I'll carry for me all week. I love when that happens at church.

After that, we met up with Em and a friend for lunch and skating at The Forks - and it was a *perfect* day for skating at The Forks. From there, Geoff and I spent an hour enjoying some hot chocolate at Second Cup, then took in U2 3D at IMAX. Very cool. If you're even a moderate U2 fan, you MUST GO.

I'm feeling a little more like myself lately... The 'detox' from my meds was pretty rough on a couple of days last week, but I feel like it's almost entirely out of my system now - and it's AWESOME. I feel like my brain is clearing, that my personality has a little bit of spark to it, that I'm loving and enjoying life again. I want to cry when I type that, because it's so huge to me. The downside, of course, is that my pain is creeping up a little bit again. Not like it was before, but it's definitely more than it was on the meds. And I'm (mostly) okay with that. In a few more weeks, the meds will be totally gone and I'll be free and clear to pursue some less toxic natural approaches to finding a balance in my health. I'm kind of excited for this adventure, finding and cultivating a sustainable approach to living the best life that I possibly can.

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At January 28, 2008 10:18 AM, Anonymous Marilyn said...

Sounds like a great weekend:) Praying the pain doesn't increase.


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