Sunday, June 03, 2007

Weekend Update: Wedding Dress Edition

Add a new fear to my list: I'm afraid that I'm not really a natural bride. I suck at it. Either that, or all of you just faked it better than I can.

I went dress shopping with my mom and my sister on Saturday morning/afternoon. It was special. And I had *some* fun while we were doing it. But honestly? It felt stressful and frustrating. My current theory is that I've become so independent that trying to pick a dress with other people there (even people I love) was frustrating - but it's not really socially acceptable to just go pick your wedding dress by yourself. I know what I like, and I have full confidence in my ability to pick something that looks nice. I buy jeans by myself, I buy shoes by myself, so I'm not really sure why we're expected to ask for everyone else's opinion about this clothing purchase.

I must say, though... Wedding dresses are amazing. I was a total superfox. I'm pretty much deciding between two very good options at this point. I just need to decide *soon* because it's almost too late to order.

Other weekend highlights or points of minor interest:
- The weekend kicked off with some bona fide insanity at work on Thursday and Friday, helping to promote in Winnipeg - don't underestimate how exhausting that was in this Anaheim-loving town!
- Geoff and I had a bunch of his friends over on Friday night for dinner, to see the new house, and to see vacation pictures. It was so nice to have the house full of friends.
- Managed to (finally) find a stove that both of us like - and it was on sale! It's being installed on Monday, and that makes me very happy. Geoff was less happy, but cheered himself up with a new fancy TV. Which I enjoyed almost immediately by popping in a DVD and watching Carrie get back together with Aidan (again). Geoff is such a good sport :)
- Spent some time in the backyard this weekend. Geoff mowed the lawn, did some weeding, and installed some lighting on the deck while I planted a few flowers and vegetables, and sat and did nothing but enjoy the sun and recuperate from dress shopping.
- Went for a walk and checked out a few blocks of the Academy Road summer street festival on Saturday. Very cute.

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At June 04, 2007 1:52 PM, Blogger Erin said...

Ultimately the dress decision is up to you. The other people are just there to tell you what a superfox your are :) And I'm sure you were. What fun. I wish I could go wedding dress shopping again. Oh to wear a beautiful dress like that again. Wish there were more occasions to do that!

At June 04, 2007 7:16 PM, Anonymous kristen said...

You're going to make the perfect bride! Organized, knows what she wants, superfox. Perfect.


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