Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bon Voyage

Two very special friends of ours - Jason + Amy - set off on a trip of a lifetime today, cruising the South Pacific for two months. I know, I know... Take a moment to honour those feelings of jealousy, and then pack them away, because these two deserve this adventure. To me, they are the total personification of that saying that you need to take big risks for big, wonderful things to happen in your life (or something like that). In this case, it was Jason taking two months off from an entrepreneurial business venture and Amy quitting her job. Yikes. Awesome, but yikes :)

Once upon a time, I took a small risk and flew to Vancouver to meet a boy named Jason who I had been talking to online. A few short years later, I was back - with Geoff and a brand new shiny engagement ring on my finger - to watch that boy marry a girl named Amy. That one small risk brought a wonderful friendship into our lives and I could not be happier. To be honest, I think the whole experience - and my initial friendship with J - helped usher in a new era of Lindsay, an era where I became increasingly comfortable with taking risks and making good things happen. Jason is one of my friends (I've collected a few through the years) who inspires me to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT and pursue my full potential without making excuses or chickening out. I'm still learning. And Amy? Amy + I have spent a seriously insignificant number of total hours together, but she's one of those friends who just immediately felt like family to me.

Jason + Amy will be documenting their adventures on this blog with a focus on accessible travel (Jason's a quadriplegic) and how being in a wheelchair doesn't need need to - and shouldn't - stop you from living your dreams and exploring the world. It gives me goosebumps to think about the people these two will be able to help. Feel free to follow their incredible journey.

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