Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Return of Mama Bear

Well, apparently, it's been a while since we've had a sick kid in this house. I'd completely forgotten how horrible it is.

Briony woke up last night running a significant fever. We were up for hours trying to bring her temperature down, get some fluids into her, and get her calmed down (she HATES feeling sick). Even once we'd tried everything, she was still really warm. We put her back in bed and I settled in on the floor in her room for the night.

For the record, I never anticipated being That Mom, but I TOTALLY AM.

She was still running a fever this morning, so we did it all over again. Geoff graciously allowed me to go back to bed for a while (oh glorious sleep!) and so I'm feeling quasi-human again, but the stress and physical demands of caring for a sick baby have definitely flared me up today. And I have client deadlines to hit every day this week. SIGH.

I'm not sure if it's sick-sick or teething-sick (those damn incisors are still working their way out). We've been managing to keep her full of fluids - and even a little bit of food - and she's not herself, but she's still playing and singing and reading books with us.

No panic here, but it's incredible how a sick kid brings out the Mama Bear in even the most rational parent. It's so all-consuming until these little snugglebugs are feeling better again. Here's hoping that happens very, very soon.

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