Friday, June 18, 2010

Return to Peg City

Gee, Winnipeg. Thanks for the welcome. This combination of rain, mosquitoes, and general ick is LOVELY. And you wonder why people say mean things about you.

Our trip home yesterday went off without a hitch. Unless you call a baby who decided to skip her nap *and* decided to start teething again a hitch. Or a very turbulent flight. It wasn't the funnest flight of my life, but Briony wasn't screaming or anything - she was just generally unimpressed. We were greeted at the airport by my parents, which was nice. It's always a million times nicer to arrive in an airport to smiling faces who are happy to see you, isn't it? I love it. But I don't pretend for a second that they were there for me... As always, it's ALL about Briony :)

I had cleverly pre-cooked and frozen dinner for Briony before we left, so we heated that up while Geoff went to pick up pizza and we called it dinner. The big grocery shop happened this morning (after we went out for breakfast).

I think we're all starting to settle in again. Today's been busy - and I've barely scraped the surface of all the unpacking that needs to happen (shameful because all the clothes are clean, they just need to be put away). The morning was spent running errands, and then I had a waxing appointment right after lunch before I got hit with a series of client 'emergencies' (so much for taking the day off).

Hang on... LUNCH. We gave BRIONY lunch. I knew I forgot something. No wonder I feel so crappy.

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