Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Want to know what I've been so very busy with this week? Lots of things, actually. But mostly helping a group of some of the nicest people I've ever met get the word out about new regulations for small Manitoba potato producers that came into effect today - and their impact on EVERYONE.

You can learn about the newly formed Manitoba Potato Coalition - and how these new rules are going to affect you - here.

Then please stop supporting Peak of the Market and their monopoly control. Right now, it's *only* hundreds of small potato farmers who are affected - but the plan is to roll out similar restrictions for all small vegetable producers in the province. The restrictions are unfair. And what the Coalition is asking for is so utterly reasonable, it will make you cry. We all deserve the choice to buy direct from small local producers, and when we do so, we are truly participating in supporting our community - not just saying it.


Here’s what it will mean to YOU this summer.

With the new regulations introduced on March 31, 2010, you now have less choice when it comes to picking locally grown potatoes
When you buy Manitoba grown red potatoes from a major retailer, you are only supporting Peak of the Market’s 13 member potato growers because of their monopoly control within Manitoba

Small Potato Growers:
If you grow even as little as one acre of potatoes, you must apply to Peak of the Market for a permit
You are permitted to sell only ‘freshly dug’ potatoes
Your potatoes can only be sold in bulk (no pre-packaged bags)
Any potatoes unsold by November 1 every year ‘must be given to a food bank’

Farmers’ Markets and Seasonal Vegetable Stands:
Farmers wishing to sell potatoes must obtain a permit
Potatoes can no longer be sold at any market after November 1 of each year
Potatoes can now only be sold in ‘bulk’ (ie. no pre-packaged bags)

Year-Round Vegetable Stands:
Under these new regulations, small potato producers are no longer allowed to sell to you

Restaurant Owners:
If you wish to feature locally grown potatoes on your menu, they must now be purchased exclusively through Peak of the Market

Vegetable Wholesalers:
If you want to sell Manitoba grown potatoes, they must now come exclusively from Peak of the Market

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At March 31, 2010 4:26 PM, Blogger Margaret said...

Thanks for the link - did not know that about Peak of the Market!

At March 31, 2010 7:00 PM, Blogger Tannis said...

What is up with that? My blood boils when I read stuff like that.

At March 31, 2010 7:15 PM, Blogger Lindsay said...

Margaret - I think it's so important that we're all aware of what we're purchasing and consuming. I've avoided Peak of the Market produce for years... I just don't believe in the way they do business.

Tannis - I KNOW. It's so wrong. That's why I decided to work with this client despite my (slightly) insane schedule. People need to know, and this has to change.


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