Sunday, February 21, 2010

Oh, Canada...

It's a little bit painful to watch all of these fourth and fifth place finishes.

It's infinitely more painful to hear people's negative comments about it.

These people made it to the freaking Olympics. They've trained for most of their lives, at a level that you and I can likely not even begin to understand - all to become among the best in the world at what they do and get a chance to represent *us* in the Olympics. After all of that - and with the additional pressure of wanting so badly to win in Canada - they've managed to place fourth among every person in the entire world.

STAND UP AND CHEER. And be freaking proud that we're all Canadian. They deserve every bit of our love and respect. (And you can tell them that here.)

And let's cheer just a little bit louder for Joannie Rochette, okay? Whether or not she decides to skate this week. My heart seriously hurts whenever I think about how hard that would be for anyone to deal with - let alone such a young girl competing at the Olympics.

(Steps down from soapbox and goes to make some popcorn for the third period...)

By the way, I'm still trying to decide if my grace will extend to our men's hockey team :)



At February 21, 2010 9:53 PM, Blogger Allison Friesen said...

No, your grace doesn't have to extend to the men's hockey team! They get paid a lot to play hockey professionally. They don't need our sympathy.

However, I am totally with you on the first part!

At February 21, 2010 11:19 PM, Blogger Margaret said...

I agree with your friend - they do not need our sympathy!!!!

At February 22, 2010 12:20 PM, Anonymous Rob said...

Canada didn't place 4th or 5th for all of the events. There's Lindsay again always looking a the downside of things. ;) Canadians have in fact won 9 Olympic medals so far this year, with more to come. In case you forgot or haven't been watching the highlights on the TV, here's our champions so far. Also note that the most recent Gold medal winner is in fact from Russell, Manitoba. He may have in fact started his training on Stony Mountain. This means that Briony does in fact still have a chance of winning a gold medal in 2026.

Gold Medalists

Skeleton - Men's

NESBITT Christine
Speed Skating - Ladies' 1000 m

Snowboard - Ladies' Snowboard Cross

BILODEAU Alexandre
Freestyle Skiing - Men's Moguls

Silver Medalists

GROVES Kristina
Speed Skating - Ladies' 1500 m

ST-GELAIS Marianne
Short Track Speed Skating - Ladies' 500 m

Snowboard - Men's Snowboard Cross

HEIL Jennifer
Freestyle Skiing - Ladies' Moguls

Bronze Medalists

GROVES Kristina
Speed Skating - Ladies' 3000 m

At February 22, 2010 12:22 PM, Blogger Lindsay said...


At February 22, 2010 11:09 PM, Blogger ka said...

I'm not defending the hockey guys (because I SERIOUSLY wouldn't want to be them if they didn't win), but...

While they are well paid for their NHL efforts, this is a different game. These aren't their "peeps." They are used to sending passes to guys who are now wearing different coloured sweaters. And international hockey is a *bit* different than the regular NHL stuff.

I'd almost rather be a skiier or figure skater or anyone who gets to do all their training alone, or with their actual teammates.

And let's be honest, I think that even if, miracle of miracles, Canada medalled in every SINGLE event we entered, but somehow didn't get gold in hockey, that is ALL the media would talk about.

Just saying... ;)

At February 23, 2010 3:54 PM, Blogger Lindsay said...

KA - You're right, as always. That's EXACTLY what I've been thinking about this week. Obviously, great minds think alike. Obviously :)


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