Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Big Day

Two rather significant things happened in my life today...

1. My surgeon had a cancellation and I'm getting my gallbladder out on Tuesday, March 2. YAY YAY YAY!!! I'm so excited, I'm using multiple exclamation points (and THAT is EXCITED). I'm still wrapping my head around exactly what that will mean in terms of child care, work, and my family - but we'll figure it out. If I need anything at all, you can rest assured that you'll be hearing from me... I'm a girl who's capable of asking for help when I need it. And I think we might need it next month. I know it's a fairly insignificant surgery as far as surgeries go, but I won't be allowed to lift Briony for two weeks minimum and I *always* have a fibromyalgia flare post-surgery.

2. Briony cried when I left her at Moms Group this morning for the first time EVER. It broke my heart when the grandmas in charge of childcare kicked me out of the room and assured me she'd be fine. But she was fine. And two hours later when I came back for her, she was happily reading books with one of them, cuddled up in a rocking chair. And then this conversation happened:

Grandma #1:
"She sure likes books, doesn't she?"


Grandma #1:
"I don't think I've ever met a baby who loves books as much as she does. You must read to her a lot."

"I guess so... But she'll go find books on her own, and usually likes to look at them more than she likes to play with her toys. I guess it explains why she's talking but not walking."

Grandma #1:
(looking at me strangely)
"But she walks..."

"Oh yeah, well, holding on to stuff."

Grandma #1:
(still confused)
"But I saw her walk today. She was standing up at that chair over there and took two or three steps over to the table with the toys."

(stunned silence)

Grandma #1:
(quickly figuring out what's going on)
"Um, maybe I'm mixing her up with another kid... Let me double check."
(calls over to another grandma)
"Did you see any of these babies walk today?"

Grandma #2:
"Yes. Briony walked two or three steps in between that chair over there and the table with the toys."

"Totally on her own?"

Grandmas #1 and #2:
"Totally on her own."

Grandma #1:
(looking at me wide-eyed)
"Oh no! I shouldn't have said anything!"

(laughing it off and speaking casually)
"Well, if I didn't see it, then it didn't happen."

And then I cried all the way home. Because even though I WORK FROM HOME, I missed Briony's first steps. It's going to sound strange, but I knew that I would. I knew from the time she was born that I was going to miss them. But I hoped in my heart that the person who got to witness them - Geoff or Katie or my parents or whoever - was someone who knew what they were seeing... And that's why I cried enough that I should have bought shares in Kleenex.

(Of course, she hasn't walked at all this afternoon... And I'm watching her LIKE A HAWK, hehe.)

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At February 18, 2010 5:36 PM, Blogger Jolene said...

Those moments just break our mommy hearts. Trinity took her first steps at my mom's. And get this...she was just short of 10 months old and I was still on mat.leave. I was asked to go to some conference for work and thought it would be okay to ease myself back into the work world. Well this was one of the first days I ever left T and she chose this day to walk.

At February 18, 2010 6:36 PM, Anonymous Marilyn said...

She will walk again on her own but it's difficult to re-set up the situation as initially.
Hope the surgery goes well, recovery is fine, and good health ensues.

At February 18, 2010 8:17 PM, Anonymous Rob said...

She's probably just gonna practice a lot and get really good at it before she lets you watch her. Then one day she'll say to you "Watch this mommy, look what I can do." As she runs from one end of the house to the other.

At February 19, 2010 10:54 PM, Blogger Lindsay said...

Jo - That's such a sad story! Isn't that just the way life works?! It's a good thing that it really only matters to us.

Marilyn - Still waiting to see some steps! Thanks for the good wishes... I'm excited to start feeling better, but it's stressful for sure.

Rob - Isn't that the truth. That wouldn't surprise me one bit!


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