Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Recipe: Cranberry Apple Pork

Did you hear? It's Slow Cooker Week here at RunLindsayRun. All week, I'll be testing recipes for your culinary enjoyment.


The Recipe:

*Modified from a recipe I found at JustSlowCooking.com

2 apples, chopped into cubes
2 large sweet potatoes, peeled and chopped into cubes
2 tbsp honey (or brown sugar)
6 to 8 pork chops or cutlets
1 can whole cranberry sauce
Black pepper

Place apple and sweet potato cubes in the bottom of your slow cooker. Drizzle with honey and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Place pork chops on top. Lightly sprinkle pork with salt and pepper. Spoon cranberry sauce over pork. Cover and cook on LOW for 7 to 9 hours.

The Evidence:

No picture available, so you'll just have to make it yourself and then you'll know exactly what it looks like :)

The Review:

Full disclosure: It's so beautiful outside again today that Geoff *really* wanted to fire up the barbecue... So no slow cooker dinner tonight. I pulled out this recipe that I tried for the first time last week.

I was really excited to try this one because I like sweet potatoes but don't always know what to make with them beyond mashing them or baking them as fries. Plus anything with cranberry sauce is usually awesome. Geoff really likes pork but it's not my favourite - so this looked like a way that both of us could be happy.

It wasn't awesome, but it was really good. I was a little too light on the salt for the bottom layer of apples and sweet potatoes - when I added some more later, it was definitely better. I'd add more next time. And I think I'd consider a few onions too, just to make the flavour a little more interesting.

The only real surprise for me was that the cranberry sauce did NOTHING while it sat on top of the pork. I guess I was expecting it to 'melt' and spread out, and it didn't. At all. Next time, I'd spread it over the meat more thoroughly instead of just spooning a clump onto each chop.

The Verdict:

Geoff wasn't super-psyched about the texture of the sweet potatoes. But he still ate half of the leftovers the next day :)

I would definitely make this one again. This is one of those recipes that is basically good, and once I've tried it once or twice and tweaked / perfected it, it's going to be great.

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