Friday, October 03, 2008

Baby Room (in progress)

This 'before' picture of the room that was to become our baby room does *not* do this makeover justice.

The flash in this shot makes the walls look lighter than they were in real life, if you can believe it. Think a dark chocolate brown (on all the walls, plus the door and CEILING). The trim around the windows (and the doors) was a medium brown. And the faux finishing - compliments of the old owners - is very, very real. Sigh.

Anyway. Baby Room BEFORE:

The room isn't done yet. The wall behind the crib is getting some white and green wallpaper. And there's nothing on any of the walls yet. But you can see the potential... I'm so happy with how it's all coming together :)




At October 04, 2008 7:49 AM, Blogger Margaret said...

NICE!!! Love those older homes with that wide moulding around the windows. The crib is beautiful.

At October 04, 2008 9:48 AM, Anonymous Marilyn said...

So lovely and fits into your house as if designed for it!

At October 04, 2008 10:05 AM, Blogger Jobina said...

Beautiful and very chic! The chair is so very Sarah Richardson (Design Inc.) of you. When she had her child she expressed her intense dislike of glider chairs and opted for a beautiful plush white rocker that looks so much like yours. Love the room!

At October 04, 2008 10:34 PM, Blogger Elleah said...

I love that!

At October 06, 2008 12:06 PM, Blogger Allison Friesen said...

I think it's beautiful!

At October 07, 2008 10:31 AM, Anonymous Erin said...

It is SO beautiful! What a lovely, peaceful color. I love it.

At October 20, 2008 3:05 PM, Blogger Lindsay Bear said...

Please, I beg of you, paaaaleeeeease tell me where I can find a glider and ottoman like yours. I am also a Winnipeger, am also expecting my first child, and hate the traditional looking gliders. If you could help me out, perhaps you know of a few places?, I'd reeeeally appreciate it!!! Thank you so much.

P.S. I just stumbled across your blog, and love what you have to say!

At October 20, 2008 3:45 PM, Blogger Lindsay said...

:) Welcome!

We found the glider and ottoman at Palliser, and fell in love... Then we totally lucked out on a visit to the Palliser warehouse, and they had a set that had been used for a tradeshow - in perfect condition - for about half the price.


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