Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Weekend Update: Fabulous + Glorious Edition

I had low expectations for this weekend.

There. I said it. But here's the thing... I've been feeling the full effect of living with chronic illness. Geoff was scheduled to work nights all weekend (oh, the joys of loving - and living with - a trauma nurse). And, of course, we have a toddler. She's lovely, but SHE'S ONE. And therefore, a lot of work a lot of the time. Not exactly the ingredient for a super fabulous long weekend.

On Friday afternoon, I snuck out to cheat on my hairdresser. Oh yes, I did. And it was FABULOUS. I'm in love with my hair right now and I will be back. Scandalous! The only downside was that I had foxy hair and nowhere to go... But I think the mini-makeover (especially when coupled with my new glasses) set the stage for a much better weekend than I had originally anticipated.

Later that night, I invited a friend over for tea after all our kids were in bed. She came just after 8 and it was so much fun to have company on a night in Geoff's rotation that's sometimes pretty lonely. We had some great conversations and I crawled into bed feeling happy and relaxed.

The next day, Briony + I hit up Starbucks and the playground before heading home for lunch and a nap (for Briony, not for me... funny how that works). Anja came over in the afternoon and had a perfect afternoon of catching up and hanging out. After Briony's nap, we packed up the baby and the puppy and made another visit to the playground. Briony *loves* Anja's dog and was fascinated by the whole 'walking the dog' thing. When we got home, she wanted to try and proceeded to walk Luna around the living room - cutest thing ever ('come, woof' 'good!' 'over here' 'nice dog').

Just before 6 pm on Saturday, Briony asked to go to bed. Apparently, the two trips to the playground did her in... She was sleeping before Geoff left for his night shift and stayed sleeping all night. BIZARRE. I ended up watching a movie, talking to my brother, starting and finishing the laundry, eating a cupcake, cleaning up our bedroom, having a bubble bath, and finishing a fun book. Oh my gosh, what a fabulous night... It is my greatest wish for ONE of those nights every month. I felt positively HUMAN! It was glorious.

On Sunday, Briony + I headed out to Falcon Lake to spend some time with my parents and a couple of friends who joined us for the day. We stayed overnight and came back to the city after lunch on Monday - returning home just in time to leave Briony with Katie and head out to Assiniboine Park for a quick dinner and a movie with Geoff (we saw 'The Switch' and it was better than I'd expected... one of my favourite movies this year, actually).

So it was a good weekend. A really good weekend. And I'm realizing - in retrospect - that it was good because I chose to MAKE it good. It would have been perfectly valid to sit at home and be grumpy that my husband was working through an entire long weekend. But that's not the life I want to live, and we ended up finding some great little pockets of family time and snuck in some great memories with some great people all over the place.

I went to bed last night feeling happy and relaxed and ready for whatever this week will bring out way. I'd call that a successful weekend, by anyone's definition.

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At September 07, 2010 11:36 PM, Anonymous Momma said...

I agree. I'm so glad your mood was lifted by a weekend that you had been dreading.


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