Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day Wrap Up

Three years ago, I accepted a proposal from a man who I loved. I was clearly blinded by the sparkle of the most gorgeous engagement ring I'd ever seen and weakened by the lack of oxygen up high on the mountain where he asked me to be his wife... I kid, I kid. When Geoff and I decided to get married, I knew that he was a good man and I knew that he'd be a good husband. I guessed that he'd be a good father if we had children someday, but that's something you can't really ever know for sure until you take the leap and become parents together.

We didn't actually leap. We were pushed. But the end result was - happily - welcoming Briony into our new little family.

Watching Geoff and Briony together is one of the things in this life that makes me the happiest. He is such an incredible 'dada' to our little princess and I could sit and listen to them giggling together forever. He has totally stepped up and taken on a more active parenting role than the average 'dada' - something that has allowed me to return to the work I love without having to drop our baby girl off at daycare every day. Right at the moment when I'm ready to sell her, he always seems to have an extra store of patience to deal with her drama. And he's the perfect yin to my yang (or the other way around?), with an incredible superpower that allows him to spot the potential for toddler-sized fun and adventure in anything.

For everything he does to love and support us, it was great to have a formalized opportunity to celebrate him a little bit this weekend. On Saturday, we went to the mall to pick out Geoff's gift and then - at his request - the three of us spent a couple of hours on Corydon. He finally got to check out Dingo's, where he ordered an EPIC 'Canadian Dog' that came loaded with chili, cheese, bacon, and Old Dutch potato chips. I don't really understand (and I nibbled away reluctantly at half of my 'Naked Dog'), but it made him happy.

We were invited to my parents' place for the day on Sunday, but we decided to pick up breakfast and have a quick picnic in the park on our way. OH MY, what an epic miscalculation (yep, this blog post deserved TWO epics).

Okay, I'm from here, and I totally get that we have mosquitoes in summer. But never ever ever in my almost three decades of life in Winnipeg have I EVER experienced mosquitoes like what we encountered on Sunday. Geoff pounded back his breakfast while I tried to shove as much food as possible into Briony's mouth (without accidentally feeding her mosquitoes) and then we RAN back to the car and I ate on the drive. YUCK YUCK YUCK. After a quick stop at Shopper's Drug Mart for some After Bite, we headed out to Niverville and spent a relaxing day catching up with family.

It wasn't a super special Father's Day in terms of extravagant plans or specifically designed memories, but it was a great weekend full of time spent together. And that's pretty special in our books.

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At June 21, 2010 2:43 PM, Blogger Lenore said...

What a lovely tribute!

Can I fancy a guess that your park fiasco had something to do with the Manitoba Marathon?? Ours did so just speculating here...


At June 22, 2010 3:40 PM, Blogger Lindsay said...

That's a really cute story. One you'll remember forever if anything. :-)


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